Laptop Upgrades

I was thinking, since I don’t have to buy a new light for my bike for $50 that I might look to see how much a new laptop hard drive would be for my old Dell Inspiron 1100 and what do you know, they cost $50 for 160gb.  I also found 1GB ram for only $30.

I’m seriously thinking about getting the hard drive but then wait until next month for the memory.  I really want to upgrade my laptop because it’s soooooo slow and it never has any space for anything.  It’s only a 20GB hard drive and with windows installed and nothing else there is only 8GB available for programs and some of the programs I have take up a lot of space.

I’d also like to install EQ on there and I can’t because there is no space for it and with only 256mb of ram it’s not fast enough for EQ.

Mini Pump

When I got my Dell DJ battery, pump and bike frame bag in the mail on the same day I blogged about how none of them were the right size, the mini pump was the right size, it’s just that the gauge wasn’t working right.

Well, last night I was pumping some air into my tires and I was looking at the numbers on the gauge.  I was thinking that the needle was going to up a lot, near the red but that wasn’t the case at all.  The number 20 is like really close to where the needle starts and I only need to put in 20.7 psi and the needle was at the 20 mark.  I thought I had to make the needle go near wh ere the red was lol.  I guess I was wrong, way wrong and the pump does what it is supposed to do.  Thank goodness.