Bidding For Bike Light

I’m bidding on a Bicycle Generated Light System for my bike.  It’s starting bid is only $4.99 and my max bid is $10 so I hope I win.  It’s basically the same as the other one I talked about yesterday but just a different person is selling it and it’s probably a different brand.  It looks brand new because it looks like the packaging is still in tact.  This is what it looks like…

Update:  I won this item for $6.74, shipping is free.  It was $4.99 but in the last half hour of the auction someone made it go up to $6.74, my highest bid was $10 which is why I won.  But I have a feeling that this seller created a 2nd screen name on eBay to raise the price for shipping purposes.  Which is fine, I don’t care.  It says on the page that shipping is free and it says local pick up so I have a feeling it’s free if you are in the same city but if you ask him about it then he raises the bidding amount to cover the cost.  I did ask him about it (or her, I don’t know) but got no response.  I sure do hope I get a response.  If it doesn’t show up in the next week then I can give negative feedback but I have a feeling I will get it because this person has 100% positive feedback.  He/she wouldn’t do anything to ruin that.


Well I’m sure glad I went out early hehe.  It’s sprinkling a little.  When I left I noticed there were a lot of rain clouds in the sky but I didn’t think anything of it.  If I were stuck in the pouring rain I would’ve been pissed lol.  Although, it would’ve given me the chance to get out of the rain and let my legs heal a little before riding some more.  Good thing I was wearing my hoodie sweater.

38 Minutes

I went bike riding this morning just as the sun was coming up.  I don’t recall the time, it was before 7am though.  Instead of stopping at California Ave and turning right and going back home, this time I decided to keep going to Truxton and turn left to go to Oak St. which is the way to get to Beach Park where the bike path is at.

I went to Oak but had to turn around and come back home because I’m so heavy that as I was riding my bike I could tell that my seat was going down because my legs were no longer straight when my pedal was all the way down.  They were bending still and when I left the house they were straight.  So I’m so heavy that I’m pushing my seat down which is not good.  Next time I go on a ride I have to raise the seat again.  I have a feeling that until I lose this website I’m gonna have to keep raising the seat every time.

That’s ok I guess.  I’m just happy that I rode a longer distance than before.  38 minutes is a lot longer than 14 minutes.  I also rode for 4.2 miles total.  I checked it out on Google Maps.  Go me!

By the way, I was so close to Beach Park, like 5 blocks from it.  I was so close I could have tasted it.  I had no idea that I was that close either.  If I knew I was that close I would’ve tried harder to get there.  At least they had water so I could have refilled my bottle lol.  I ran out just as I was getting closer to the house.  That only tells me I need to bring the bigger bottle next time lol.

Edit: I went to Spark People to add my cardio for today and 38 min at 10 mph (I don’t know what my speed is as I don’t have a bike odometer and 10 mph is the lowest they have so it’s my only option) and that is 342 calories burned.  The total for the whole week is 87 of 90 min that they require you to do and 783 of 780 calories burned.  They only want you to do exercise cause they are there to tell you what you need to do to get thin.  You aren’t “required” to do anything you don’t want to in which case you don’t have to sign up on their website.  But anyway, my point is that I exceeded the amount of calories for the whole week but I was still 3 minutes shy of the amount of time.  That’s fine though because next week will be double because I was so close to Beach Park that next time I will actually make it there and maybe even get to ride on the bike path for a little while.  I might end up doing the entire 90 min for the entire week in just 2 sessions.