I Voted!

Well I finally finished filling out my ballot today.  We are cutting it very close because we are a mail only district and in order for our ballots to count we have to send them in early enough but all those props were so confusing that I just couldn’t understand them.  Some of them I could understand like 1a, 2, 3 and 8.  All of those I was able to understand.  Also there were some offices that I had no clue who the people were because I haven’t seen any commercials for them.  They can’t expect me to vote for them if they don’t give me an idea who they are.  Actually, I have seen some commercials but they didn’t put a huge impact on me.  I don’t watch the local debates.

Anyway, finally finished it and it’s going in the mail today, hopefully they will get it tomorrow then it will be counted by Monday so that on Tuesday my vote will count.

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