Countdown to Lego Batman

There are only 2 more days until Lego Batman is at Game Stop.  That’s Tuesday morning.  Hmm, since I’m blogging this at 9:30 at night, tomorrow is Monday and I will probably get the phone call at lunch time on Tuesday, that should mean there is only a day and half left.

I pre-ordered this in May so I’ve waited all summer for this so I guess you can say I’m pretty excited the day is finally coming.  I really love the Lego series of PSP games.  I have Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones so now I’m adding Lego Batman.  I really hope they don’t stop after this, that they give us more in the Lego series.

I’m hoping for Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, Superman and or the Justice League.

The 2008 Primetime Emmy Awards

The Emmy’s are on tonight and we’re going to watch it tonight.  I normally don’t watch the awards shows but I decided it would be ok to watch it.  I may have to play Star Wars Battlefront during the boring parts though lol.

I’m so glad HBO has 17 channels instead of one because I was able to watch True Blood at 6pm (Eastern Time) because it would normally be on here at 9pm on the west coast.  It’s actually on at 6pm, 7:30 and 9pm.  But since the Emmy’s are on at 8pm (red carpet from 6-8) I don’t have to miss True Blood until it goes on On Demand.

Birthday Cake

Darrin came home from church with a cake today.  This woman who goes to his church has a list of everyone’s birthday so the Sunday before their birthday she brings in a cake or even up to 4 cakes and gives it to them just before they leave.  I think that is so nice.  Of course he wanted to have a piece while it was still fresh hehe.  It’s very chocolaty.

Wet Dog

Flower got a bath today and it was about time.  I went to lay down next to her and she smelled really bad.  She was so pissed off at me for daring to put her in water and she tried getting away lol.  She was fine though in the kitchen sink and I got her all cleaned up and since she barely has any hair it wasn’t hard to dry her.  Just a towel over her and she’s done.

After her bath she was running around the house like a crazy dog.  She was mostly running away from me lol.  I put her on the bed and she ran over to where the bunched up comforter is and burrowed into it and peeked her head out so I could see that she wasn’t pleased lol.  Now it’s back to sleep for her.