Sci Fi channel has come out with a new website for gamers.  They seem to cover every platform, genre and every thing related to gaming.

I try to look at everything for the PSP.  I just want to read everything I can about new updates and the future of the PlayStation Portable such as new features like when they added Skype and Internet radio.  This website doesn’t seem to have anything after July 2008 and right now it’s near the end of September.  I don’t really see this being a major source of news for me for the PSP right now but it is nice to have another source of news for the game system I love.

Hamburger Helper

We haven’t had Hamburger Helper in a very long time.  Tonight we went to Albertson’s and they had Hamburger Helper in the 10 for $10 display just when you walk in the front door.

I personally love hamburger helper.  My mom used to make that all the time when I was a kid.  My aunt Betty used to make her own version of it by making regular macaroni and cheese (not Kraft but elbow macaroni and velveeta or something) then just adding hamburger meat to it.  OMG it was so good, I really miss that.

Dell DJ Battery

Well today I finally got the balls to open up my Dell DJ to take the battery out so I can measure it in MM.  The battery that I found to buy is 50mmx85mmx2mm.  Well, my battery is 50mmx95mmx2mm so it’s actually longer than the one for sale which is fine.  This just means it will fit with some wiggle room hehe.  It couldn’t be more perfect.