Pineapple Express

We went and saw Pineapple Express. Hilarious movie. I myself don’t care for pot but I do love a good pot joke lol. Seth Rogan seems to be a very funny guy and he is working his butt off this year doing so many movies.

One thing that made me laugh really hard was the pink eye joke.  They said that they got pink eye because they were farting on each others pillows and so I guess the feces that came out of the fart and landed on the pillow gave them all pink eye.  That was hilarious.  I don’t know if you can get pink eye that way, I’ve never had pink eye so I don’t really know anything about it but I’m pretty sure that if you are living with people who are farting on your pillows then your situation needs to change, soon lol.

GPS Mount for the PSP

As some of you know, I’m very excited about the GPS module coming this holiday season for the PSP. Well, I just read on the Playstation Blog that it will be out later this year and there is a company who is making a dashboard bracket for the PSP making it easier to navigate the country without needing to hold your PSP while driving lol. Here is a picture.

Now just tell me how I’m supposed to use my PSP while riding a bike without crashing into a car, breaking both my legs and smashing my PSP into a million pieces.  I joke hehe, I would never do that.

Les Grossman

I just saw a commercial for Tropic Thunder and they are introducing a new actor named Les Grossman. LOL That’s hilarious. That is Tom Cruise under all that fat and baldness. He’s trying to make a new name for himself as Les Grossman either as a joke or to help boost his career again. Whatever, he was good in that movie.

Hose Water

OMG YUCK! We ran out of the bottled water and I put a few ice cubes in my cup and just got water from the tap because there ain’t no way I’m gonna go fill the bottle at 12:40am.

OMG so sick. It tastes like hose water. I really wish Bakersfield would clean the water up a bit more. In Los Angeles I could fill my glass with tap water and drink it and it didn’t taste any different from bottled water does. Here you fill up a glass with the tap water and it’s white instead of clear for a few seconds then it starts turning clear from the bottom to the top.

This is not PG&E water either, this is from California Water Service Company in San Jose, CA. I’m still not quite sure why San Jose is in charge of our water. But it’s sick. That’s another reason for me to miss LA.

Car Repair

We were going to the bank so Darrin could cash a check and then pay his credit card bill then go to AAA to pay his insurance bill and as we left the house in the car I noticed that the A/C wasn’t working. It wasn’t blowing out cold air, instead of was warm. I put my hands up to feel the air and I said it’s not working so Darrin put his hand up to it and noticed that it was warm.

So we turned it off and rolled the windows down and he could smell burning rubber. He figured it was just a belt, you know, something easy and cheap. Well, that wasn’t the case at all. The Ford dealership which is where he likes to take the car called him back and told him it would cost $1852 WOW!!! Sheesh! I guess we have no choice right?


I have the weirdest dreams. I had to blog this before I forgot it. I am already starting to forget most of the dream but the main thing I want to write about is that we were running around and we had these duffel bags and my duffel bag had a camcorder and my PSP and my house keys inside it along with clothes and whatever, I don’t know what else actually.

Anyway, we stopped carrying them and at some point we were passing where we left them and they were gone and I said our bags are gone and Darrin looked at me like OMG WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW!!!! And I turned to him and said “don’t worry, this is just a dream. I will wake up and that stuff will be where it’s supposed to be.” Then when I did wake up I was like whew hehe. But I find it strange that I knew that it was a dream so I chose not to stress over it in my dream.

Step Brothers

We went to see the movie Step Brothers today. It was very funny. Very dirty but very funny. I like John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell and I like the combination of these 2 in movies.  I think they will be a great movie and/or tv duo.

They were both like little boys in this movie despite the fact that they are all grown up, probably about my age if not older which is what made the movie hilarious. Darrin didn’t like the fart scene because he hates fart humor but I thought it was hilarious.

If you haven’t seen it, go see it because it his hilarious.

Beverly Hills

Well Darrin had a design job today and so we drove to Beverly Hills (I was the navigator with my GPS on my laptop).

I was sitting in the car with Flower while he was doing his job by looking at the rooms that he is going to be designing. I didn’t want to take the focus away from him by being there especially with Flower and I heard a dog barking so I figured staying in the car was the best course of action. I was wrong.

This woman whose house we were parked in front of was getting paranoid. Well, who could blame her, its million dollar mansions in Beverly Hills. She called AAA because I guess 1 of her cars wasn’t starting and she came up to the car and I rolled down the window and she was all “how long are you going to be here?” and I said that the person I’m here with is a designer and he’s across the street and I was asked to stay in the car.

She walked away but I was so uncomfortable being in the car so I just came up to the house and rang the doorbell and they let me in. I sat on the couch while Darrin was telling them what he was going to do blah blah blah. Of course the focus was then on me and Flower lol.

Anyway, it’s good he has a design job. No painting WOOT! Hehe.

Update: They decided not to do it with Darrin after all and we wasted $60 on gas to get down there for nothing.  Darrin asked to be compensated for the gas and his time but they refused.

XP Antivirus 2008

I was looking at a website and it said that I needed to download active-x or something to view a video and we had to go to the grocery store real quick. When we came home I noticed Norton Anti-virus was going nuts saying it was blocking a virus and I saw this program running called Antivirus XP 2008 on my screen saying I had all these viruses on my computer and wanted me to click something to get rid of them. I knew something was wrong because I didn’t install that program and for some reason it wouldn’t allow me to uninstall it through the control panel. I used the laptop to search for it on Yahoos search engine and found this:

Please, take a look at the pictures and memorize them so if this happens to you then you will be able to arm yourself. You don’t have to bookmark this site or keep the email if you don’t have this issue but just remember to search for it through a search engine so you can be able to get rid of it. I was able to get rid of it but I had to follow the instructions on this website. I hope for your sake you don’t get this but in case you do make sure you get rid of it right away. Oh, one of the things you will notice is that your screen will be blue or maroon, your wallpaper will be gone. That is a good indication that you have problems.

Update: After I went through all the steps to remove this thing I went to lay down on my bed to watch TV and I noticed that it went to the Windows Login screen so I got up and clicked my name and went to see the screen saver settings, I right clicked the desktop and clicked Properties and there are 2 tabs missing.  Desktop and Screen saver.  They are gone!  I don’t know how to get it back.  If I have to reformat my hard drive I’m gonna be pissed.

Another update: I get these email supposedly from CNN.  They are usually 1 line emails with a link and I clicked it to see the video for a news story and it said that I needed the active x thing and that is what happened.  I was trying to see a news story.  I am not going to click any of those emails ever again and just assume it’s a link to a virus.  My Norton is still finding virus’s left over from that and deleting them.  So, if you get emails from CNN make damn sure they are really from CNN and not a fake website.  Just go directly to instead just to be safe.