September 22nd 2008 is the season premiere of Heroes on NBC.  From 8-9pm is going to be a countdown where the cast and crew talk about the show then from 9-11pm is the season premiere episode.  I read at TV.com that it is going to be 2 hours but from 8-10 and that really pisses me off that they said that because if I had to go somewhere for whatever reason I would’ve set my dvd recorder to record from 8-10 instead of 8-11 then I would’ve missed the last hour of the show.

Ok, maybe I’m blowing it out of proportion because if I do miss a show I’m just gonna go to hulu to rewatch it.  I’m just sayin’.  Don’t give people the wrong info ya know?  Especially die hard fans lol.

If it weren’t for my friend Sue I would’ve never known.

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