Eureka Sponsors

I love the show Eureka and I love Degree deodorant and I really don’t mind seeing a show with advertising inside it but I think the way they advertise Degree in this show is too much.  Product placement is fine but it’s like they are trying too hard.  The new lady on the show from Titanic, Francis something or other, she just spews out all these slogans that you hear on the commercials.  I don’t want to hear that.  Those lines should be reserved for the actual commercials, not tv shows.

The episode when Jack is in the shower and he keeps going back to the shower and living the same day over and over and he takes the Degree out of the medicine cabinet and places it on the sink was ok, still pushing it because it would be one thing if he grabbed it and used it then put it back but there really is no reason for them to put focus on him putting it on the sink over and over again.  I mean how far could it have been from where it originally was?  12 inches?

Oh and they have a special lab with the Degree label on everyone’s jackets and degree sticks sitting on the counter in the lab.  Come on, that’s a bit much.

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