Dell DJ Battery a No Go

Well, I got an email from that website about their Dell DJ battery and the one they sell is definitely for Gen 1 DJ’s and that will not work on a Gen 2 DJ.  They said that people have bought it in the past and found it did not work and had to return it and pay a restocking fee.  This sucks.

They told me to go to 2 websites or  The first website didn’t have anything for Dell.  They had lots of batteries that looked like mine but they were specifically for iPods.  The 2nd website has a battery but it doesn’t specific generations.  It just says “DELL Digital Jukebox, DELL Digital Jukebox DJ, DELL Digital Jukebox Series”.  I emailed them asking if it will work on a 2nd Gen so I have to wait for their email.

The thing that really  bites here is that the battery from this other site is that they were only charging $25 for a battery plus shipping which was like $7.50 or something and it would’ve been more economical to buy 2 because they offer a 10% discount for the purchase of 2 or more.  So because their battery won’t work for me I have to go to and that battery is a whopping $48.

It just occurred to me to check via part number and came up with 1 thing on eBay.  Someone is selling the exact battery I need and the starting bid is .99 cents and there are no bids.  I’m tempted to bid $30.  The auction ends the day before I get my check.  The only thing is if I buy it on eBay I have no warranty and no guarantee that it will actually work and not die within a couple of months.

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