My First Week of Vaping

I bought my eGo-T e-cigarette, or as I like to call it, my personal vaping device (PVD), last month and got it about 8 days ago.

When I bought the flavors from Zeus Juice, I wasn’t sure what strength I would be happy with since I had never vaped before, so I chose to buy 50PG/50VG.  They smelled so wonderful, but once I finally got to taste them with my PVD, they didn’t taste nearly as good as they smelled because I could barely taste them at all.  Most people prefer the vegetable glycerin because they want more vapor, but I would rather have flavor over vapor, so I bought more e-liquid with less VG and more PG.  I actually bought 2 strengths, 100%PG and 70/30.  I will find out which is better when they finally arrive (hopefully on Monday) before I buy any more.

I am actually not quite sure if the fault is in the strength, or if the fault is in the PVD that I bought.  I saw a video on YouTube of a guy who said that the eGo-T was the worst.  Naturally it was the only one I could afford.  I can taste the flavor a little bit, but it does take a lot of puffing to get any flavor at all.  I am not going to judge the PVD or the flavor until I get the new e-juices in the mail.

Here are my findings so far in the 8 days that I have had my PVD and have been vaping.  Although, my study is really inconclusive until I get more flavor, but I do have to say that I haven’t been feeling as hungry as I normally do.  I am getting a little tiny bit of flavor, not as much as I had hoped, but it is something.  I am not sure if it is the ingredients in the e-liquid since there isn’t any nicotine (which is an appetite suppressant), or if it’s the flavor or the actual hand to mouth habit that is causing this lack of appetite.  I have gone from eating out of boredom, to only eating when I am hungry.

I haven’t actually lost any weight yet, but I can’t expect to lose anything without proper diet and exercise.  My eating habits have not really changed, besides less snacking, but only time will tell if it actually does help.  I will keep at it a bit longer to see if this is really even worth continuing.  For now I actually enjoy vaping.

The flavor that I mentioned earlier that is coming in 100% PG is the same flavor that I already have, Strawberry.  I chose to get that so that if the 70/30 mixture is strong enough, then I will mix the 50/50 strawberry with the 100% strawberry so I have a 75/25 mixture.  I have high hopes that I will find the right percentages so I can enjoy the flavors.  After all, I am only doing this to help suppress my sweet tooth so I don’t eat sweet foods.

One of the flavors that I mentioned that is coming in the 70/30 mixture is Pumpkin Pie.  That is one of the flavors that I am really looking forward to vaping because I just love pumpkin pie.  I bought the small 5ML bottle so that I can test out the strength, so when I discover what strength I do prefer, I will buy a 30ML bottle to last me for a very long time.  I will be enjoying this flavor from now (tomorrow hopefully) until the end of Christmas.

I am especially looking forward to the Egg Nog flavor.  Again, when I discover the strength that I am happy with, I will be buying a 30ML bottle of the Egg Nog to last me until the end of the holidays.  I might even have to buy more after that just in case they stop making it so I will have enough to last me at least until June LOL.  What can I say, I am very addicted to the flavor.

I will keep posting updates on the flavors when I get them.

No More Plastic Grocery Bags

I’ve been hearing this thing on the news about how the government is going to make retailers charge customers .25 cents per plastic grocery bag.  That’s why I bought all those reusable cloth bags from Albertson’s when they first started selling them for $1 per bag.  Whenever you go to the store with those bags they give you a .05 cent refund per bag so if you bring 3 bags you get .15 cents off on your bill.  It’s an incentive to use those cloth bags and eventually the bags pay for themselves.  Sometimes they have a sale like if you buy 4 bottles of the 1 liter bottles of Lipton tea you get a cloth bag for free.

I tell you that so I can tell you this.  We bring our cloth bags to the store so we have totally run out of plastic grocery bags which is what I normally use to scoop cat litter into then I put those bags into the 5 lb. buckets that the litter come in (empty buckets of course).  But since I have no more bags I have to just scoop the litter directly into the bucket then to keep the smell down to a minimum I put the lid on it.

Well, you know what happens when there are wet items left inside a closed container don’t you?  Condensation happens.  The lid of the bucket has sweat all over it.  Cat urine and feces sweat.  What happens when you open the lid?  The juices fall due to gravity.  Normally when that happens the juices fall to the ground but if your foot is right next to it and you don’t have shoes on because you are about ready to go to bed and this is the last thing you do before you go to bed, it falls on your foot.

Well, that happened to me tonight.  Cat urine and feces juice all over my foot.  I couldn’t do anything about it because I figured I might as well just scoop the litter and get it done fast so I can run to the shower.  I didn’t want to shower then scoop cause then I’d have to wash my hands all over again so I just did my duty then ran to the bathroom.

Thank you Al Gore for bitching and complaining about global warming.  See what you did to me?