September 22nd 2008 is the season premiere of Heroes on NBC.  From 8-9pm is going to be a countdown where the cast and crew talk about the show then from 9-11pm is the season premiere episode.  I read at TV.com that it is going to be 2 hours but from 8-10 and that really pisses me off that they said that because if I had to go somewhere for whatever reason I would’ve set my dvd recorder to record from 8-10 instead of 8-11 then I would’ve missed the last hour of the show.

Ok, maybe I’m blowing it out of proportion because if I do miss a show I’m just gonna go to hulu to rewatch it.  I’m just sayin’.  Don’t give people the wrong info ya know?  Especially die hard fans lol.

If it weren’t for my friend Sue I would’ve never known.

Knight Rider

February 17th 2008 NBC Aired the new Knight Rider movie which was the teaser of the new tv show coming this fall.  Well, its fall and the new show airs next week on Wednesday 9/24/2008.  The link above is a sneak peek at the first episode and yes it is the full episode not just a commercial.

Since I have another show on tv, Pushing Daisies, I will have to watch Knight Rider at www.hulu.com each week.  Which is no problem I guess since the show is widescreen and my tv isn’t but my computer monitor is so at least I’ll be able to see the show in widescreen instead of 4:3.  So that’s awesome.  Maybe I should just skip tv altogether and just watch Hulu lol.  Nah.

New Season of Shows – Fall 2008

Finally summer is nearly over and my shows can come back.  This season I have shows 6 days a week again.  Mostly I have 1 show a night but some nights there are 2 shows.

Sunday: I only have 1 show and that’s True Blood on HBO.  If for some reason I miss it I don’t have to worry because of HBO On Demand.

Monday: Heroes and Chuck are coming back for season 2.  I also watch Medium on CBS but that show starts in January 2009.

Tuesday: As of right now I have nothing on for Tuesdays but Reaper is supposed to be coming back in January 2009.

Wednesday: I have 2 shows on at the same time on different networks.  Knight Rider which will be on NBC and Pushing Daisies which is on ABC.  I watched the first season of Pushing Daisies so I’m gonna have to choose that over Knight Rider but thank goodness there is such a thing as On Demand because I will be able to watch Knight Rider on the NBC website whenever I want to.

Thursday: Smallville & Supernatural.  Those 2 shows I’ve watched since they began so naturally I’m going to watch these.  I read this will be the last season for Smallville.  It was supposed to be Clark Kent’s childhood (or teenage years) and he’s way past 21 so it looks like it’s nearly time for Superman to emerge on the scene which will mean the end of Smallville.

Friday: Ghost Whisperer.

Ok, so I was wrong when I said 6 days of shows, well, half wrong because Reaper is coming back in January so only half of the season will be 5 days a week.  That is unless there’s another strike preventing me from watching shows then they get canceled lol.  I don’t think it will happen again for another 10 or 20 years since the last strike was 20 years ago.

New 2008 Fall Season

The new fall season begins next week and it’s the perfect timing because Tuesday night is the last night for Big Brother. Monday will be the last night for Big Brother on Showtime after dark so I can start watching Eureka on Tuesdays at the regular time and Ghost Hunters on Wednesday at the regular time. Those 2 shows repeat so in case there is another show on at the same time I can watch the repeat. Here are the shows I will be watching:

Mondays: Heroes and Chuck both on NBC
Wednesdays: Knight Rider at 8pm on NBC, Pushing Daisies at 8pm on ABC.
Thursdays: Smallville and Supernatural both on CW
Fridays: Ghost Whisperer

I’m very disappointed that Reaper isn’t on the list because that was a very good show.  Wednesday nights are going to be difficult because I watched Pushing Daisies last season so I’m going to watch that on ABC.  I wanted to see Knight Rider but it’s on at the same time as Pushing Daisies so I’m gonna have to watch Knight Rider on the NBC website or I’ll just have to download that one and put it on DVD’s.  Another show that I like to watch is Medium but that doesn’t start until January.

Edit: I just read at www.tv.com that Reaper will air mid-season which looks like January like Medium.  So this means in January things will change because there will be 2 shows being added and those 2 shows might clash with another show I have which means I will probably end up having to either watch those shows the next day on their websites or download them.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

I watched The Secret Diary of a Call Girl tonight on Showtime. It was pretty good. I was very surprised to see Billie Piper in such a risky role but she played it very well. I’m glad she is still working after Doctor Who too. I really wish that she was still on Doctor Who but that’s ok. I’m also very glad that we are getting that show here in America. I love British tv shows. I’ve always loved the comedy shows on PBS and Ab Fab and Doctor Who and its many spin-offs. And I understand why this show is on Showtime instead of CBS or NBC hehe.