Letter to Shelley

Today I called the phone number I got for Shelley, my high school girlfriend, and it was a fax so I had to write a letter to her. I tried writing it but my handwriting is so horrible that I had to type it out. I’ve relied on the computer for too long and now my handwriting is worse than ever and it hurts my hand to write.

So anyway, I typed it out and printed it and my stupid printer wouldn’t print black so I had to make it maroon lol. I went to write the name and address on the envelope and it was so hard to read so I just made a label and forgot to make it maroon and it printed in black lol.

I don’t get it, it wont print black on paper but it will print black on a label. Oh and I printed out the picture of me and her mom and it printed fine. Oh well, maybe it’s time for new paper.

I sent it to her and she should get it by Saturday so all I can do is leave it up to her to call me. If you get this and you look at my blog first let me plead for you to call me Shelley. I have no ill intentions, I just want our friendship back.

My High School Girlfriend

Ok so tonight I was on MySpace and I was looking at the picture I have as my main picture which is of me at age 16 sitting with my high school girlfriends mother Jewell and it occurred to me that perhaps Shelley was on MySpace so I looked for her but to my dismay she wasn’t there.

So, while I was looking I decided to go to the Yahoo yellow pages thing and click people (like the white pages) and it found her but it wouldn’t give me any information. It also listed her mom and dad and so I knew it was her. So, I called 1-800-free-411 because regular 411 is $1 and so the free 411 didn’t have her last name listed so I called regular 411 and naturally they didn’t have her listed either.

So, I went back to the USA Search thingy and paid $4.95 and of course they tacked on another $1. So I found her address, there is actually 3 addresses listed and a phone number. I’m pretty sure the phone number is for her mothers house but I won’t know until I call her. Since I got the information after 10pm I have to wait until tomorrow to call because I don’t call people after 9pm. The wait is killing me though lol. I hope she doesn’t reject me.

Here is the picture on my My Space page: