Weight Gain This Week

I was very disappointed in myself this morning when I stepped on the scale because instead of losing weight, I gained weight.

The problem is I started getting bored with my meal plans, 4oz chicken with 1/2 cup brown rice and 1 cup of any vegetable. I was doing so good with that meal plan, I had lost 31lbs with it. When I got bored with it I started eating other things and this week I broke my one cardinal rule and bought bread. Not just bread but also bagels.

On Tuesday when I bought the package of bagels which were on sale for .99¢, I had 3 bagels that day. See what happens when you deny yourself food for such a long time, you end up bingeing on it. I could buy 1 single bagel every few weeks or maybe once a month and that will satisfy my hunger for it instead of buying them all the time. When I deny myself for such a long time I end up eating more than I should in 1 day.

The store also had Yoplait on sale @ 20 for $10 so I bought 5 for myself and 5 for Darrin. I ate 3 that same day then 2 the next day.

Then I also had a craving for some turkey sliders so I bought some ground turkey meat on Tuesday and then on Wednesday I bought a package of Hawaiian sweet rolls for the slider buns. Those rolls are about 100 calories per roll. You’d never think that they were that many considering they are so small but they are. I cooked 5 for myself and 5 for Darrin. I didn’t like them as much as I thought I would and so I only ate 3 and put the other 2 in the fridge but ended up eating them as a snack later that night.

The amount of weight that I gained back isn’t too horrible, only about 3lbs I think. I have been eating salads this week which is ok for me because it’s very low cal but the amount of dressing I put on it is probably not good. So… I think it’s time to go back to my original meal plans and stop straying away from that no matter how boring it might become.

I have to get back on the ball because I really want to lose this weight, I can’t keep going back, I need to go forward. I haven’t lost so much weight that I’m back in stage 1 yet but 1lb more and I will be.

So, hopefully next week I will not only have lost weight but I will be below what I weighed in at last week… hopefully.

White Castle Burgers

No we don’t have a White Castle here where I live in Bakersfield, CA but they do sell the little mini burgers in the frozen foods section of our grocery store.  I didn’t buy those because I wanted to make them my own way.

I’ve been seeing these commercials a lot lately for Big City Slider thing that you take this measuring spoon and scoop up the hamburger meat and put the balls into this thing, it has 5 slots and when you filled them all you press them down with the lid.  You then cook the mini burgers directly on your stove top and keep the lid on it and it cooks them from both sides, top and bottom.  It cooks them all the way through to the middle much faster than if you have to flip them.

Well, I don’t have the $25 to shell out for one of those ($20 plus shipping) so instead I just went to the store and bought 1 1/2lb of ground beef (80% fat-free) and I had an egg and I bought some bread crumbs and mixed the meat with the egg and bread crumbs and Darrin added some BBQ spices to the mixture.  I then rolled them by hand and smashed them by hand and cooked them on the skillet.  I then sliced the entire package of Hawaiian rolls and spread mayo on tops and bottoms then put the little mini burgers on the rolls.

The commercial makes you look so incompetent like you can’t make white castle burgers without making a complete mess of things and without the burgers breaking apart lol.  I didn’t have any problems and I also saved $25 so there Billy Maye’s hehe :p.

Since the package of rolls had 12 I had 6 and Darrin had 6.  Luckily there was enough meat.  I thought I was going to be forced to eat 2 rolls without meat hehe.  I love those rolls.  The Hawaiian rolls were so much better than regular plain old rolls too.  I recommend those when making white castle burgers.

Oh, why you ask did I use 1 egg?  My mom taught me when I was a kid that the egg will keep the burgers from falling apart and she’s right.  They don’t fall apart.