My Homemade Pecan Butter Cookies

pecan butter cookies

I have been slaving in the kitchen cracking pecans from our pecan tree so that I could make 2 things, pecan butter and pecan butter cookies.  I had collected almost 16oz of pecans.  It didn’t work out as I had planned, but I made it work, sort of.

I added the pecans to the food processor and just obliterated them until they were like sand, and it literally looked like sand on the beach.  I added the peanut oil and brown sugar and blended it some more, but it wouldn’t get soft like peanut butter.  I left it in there for quite a bit too.  I haven’t used our food processor in ages and it’s as old as our relationship is, if not older (which is going on 19 years if you don’t know).  It was starting to give an electrical smell so I was afraid of overdoing it.

The pecan butter didn’t want to become smooth at all.  I tried adding more peanut oil, but it didn’t seem to make a difference, so instead I just went on with the cookie ingredients.  Since it was enough to make 2 batches of cookies, I added 2 cups of sugar and 2 eggs and blended it until it was like dough and took it out.  I cut half of the dough and put half in the fridge wrapped in Saran Wrap and the other half I cut up into squares that I could roll like into balls to form the cookies.  I didn’t get 36 cookies, some were too big and some were too small.  I wish there were a mold that would cut the dough into 36 squares so I could get even cookie sizes lol.

The cookies came out really sweet, I mean too sweet.  They are good, just really sweet.  I didn’t expect that to happen.  I mean, the peanut butter cookies are sweet, but not that sweet.  Also, the dough was really dark, but the cookies came out a lot lighter.  Oh well.

Pecan cookies are certain not something I would ever try to do again, same with the pecan butter, so this was an experience that I will remember for as long as I live.  The lesson, leave the pecans for pie…

New Afghan Project in the Making

A few nights ago I was watching tv, mainly flipping through channels and I came across a british comedy show on HBO. I don’t recall the name of it but the two characters were in bed (twin beds in the same room) and one of them had a crocheted afghan on his bed. They were squares and I was able to see the pattern when they went close up on the guys face when he was talking so I pretty much know what to do.

Each color was different and the squares all had a black border (used to sew the squares together). I thought it was so interesting and I have tons of yarn that are all different colors so I thought that since my hands are doing much better that I would do 2 squares a day until it’s all finished then I can sew it all together. I’m sure that it will be finished by the time it starts cooling off after summer. And since they are squares I wont worry about crocheting for too much time per day because it doesn’t take that long to make a square.

I can’t wait to see the finished product.