My Birthday Part 2

Well this morning I woke up with Darrin singing the Happy Birthday song and he was holding a German Chocolate cake which was what my mother always made for me for my birthdays. He knew that, that’s why he bought it for me.

We went to the movies today and saw Iron Man which I really loved. Afterwards we went to Sears and Darrin bought me 3 pair of cartoon lounge pants (pajamas hehe).

His cousin Vedra and Venda gave me a black t-shirt with HWOODCATS on it and a box of Dewars candy peanut butter flavored. They are really good. Tomorrow I absolutely cannot wait to get my Lego Indiana Jones game for my PSP then we’re going to DQ for blizzards which I have a coupon that they sent me for my birthday for buy 1 get 1 free.

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