We Got Carded for Wood Putty

Ok, I’ve been carded in my life for cigarettes when I was younger.  I’ve been carded for booze when I went into the bars when I was younger or when buying beer from the store.  No problem.  But I’ve never been carded for buying wood putty.

We went to Home Depot for prices on linoleum floors for the kitchen in the rental and while we were there Darrin needed some wood putty and we went to the self checkout lanes.  I scanned the wood putty and the screen said that we needed assistance from the employee who had to check Chips ID.

I’ve talked about Darrin here in my blog on several occasion.  He is 59 years old and he has gray hair.  He is hardly a person that you would card for something let alone wood putty.

I can understand carding for spray paint because I’m sure teenagers are always buying spray paint but wood putty?  Sheesh.  What could you possibly do with wood putty that would be destructive to someone else’s property?


Solution To My Back Problems

I’ve been thinking that maybe the solution to my bike seat problem might be easier.  When I was 17 I had a beach cruiser bicycle.  The seat was fat in the back and the horn was very small.  It’s handlebars were long enough that I could sit up while riding so I never had any back issues.

My bike is a mountain bike.  I only bought a “mountain bike” because of the price.  I bought it at Wal•mart for $60.  I really wanted a beach cruiser but they were too expensive at the time and same with the 10 speed road bikes.  The mountain bike was my only cheap alternative.

I’ve already changed out most of the bike and it’s mainly just the frame that is the same so why not just take the handlebar off and put a new one on lol.  When I get my next check I plan on buying one of these:


It’s long enough that I won’t have to bend even a little bit to reach and I can sit up fully while riding.  As long as my seat is in the right position I won’t feel like I’m falling forward as long as I have some longer handlebars.

This handlebar is $10 plus $5 shipping from NYCBikes.com which is not bad at all.  However, I’m not sure if I want to wait for it to ship to me.  I mean, we have a bike store in town (they don’t have a website :() so I’m going to check with them first.  Hopefully they will have a black one so I don’t have to spray paint it lol.

I will probably have to wait another week or so before I can ride my bike again so by the time I get this I will be healed up again hopefully and I can resume my 4:30am bike rides.  I can also add more crap to my seat lol.

Oh the only issue I can see with this is that the brakes won’t be long enough to reach to the end of the handlebars but that’s ok, I’m sure that when I need them I will be able to reach for them.  Or maybe they will be long enough to get close to the end of the handlebars.

But you know what?  Maybe I’m going at this all wrong.  Beach Cruiser bikes are probably not that expensive at Wal-Mart.  The last time we were there they were $60 so maybe I should just get a new bike.  Beach Cruiser bikes don’t have hand brakes.  All you do is peddle backwards and you stop lol.  They don’t even have gears which might make it a bit easier.  I’ll think about it.

Shrinking Jug Keeps Milk Fresh For Another Week

Check this out from Dvice.com

Shrinking Jug Keeps Milk Fresh For Another Week

That is so cool!  I want one.  All you do is pour your new gallon of milk into it and then close it.  When you want some milk you just push the button and the milk pours into your glass or cereal bowl and the container shrinks in the process.  Since we always buy 2 gallons of milk I think it would be appropriate to buy 2 of these.  Although if one of these containers cost $20 – $100 then perhaps 1 will do lol.

It works by keeping the air out so when you open the milk it starts going bad because the air does something to it… just read the article, it makes more sense when they say what it does.