Christmas Around The World

Have you ever wondered how people in other countries celebrate Christmas?  Well, there’s no better place than to visit Christmas Around the World here in Bakersfield on the 2nd floor of Timeless Furnishings on Chester Avenue.

You go through the front of the furniture store to the back where the stairs and elevators are and go up 2 floors (push the 2).  You are greeted by Sherrie Lewis, her daughter and quite possibly the cutest little girl you will ever meet in your life who happens to be Sherrie’s granddaughter.

Sherrie takes you on a tour of the entire floor describing how every culture celebrates Christmas.  The first room that we went into was Germany and it was filled with nut crackers.  She said that there is a nut cracker for everyone.  Well, the nerd in me said “I bet there’s no Star Wars nut cracker” but then low and behold I look and there they are.  Darth Vader, a storm trooper, R2D2 and Yoda.  She had my attention.

I never really learned the history of every single culture or how they celebrate the holidays so it was a great opportunity for me to go see it for myself.  It was very educational for me.

If you live in Bakersfield or if you know anyone who lives here, please go see this wonderful place in Timeless Furnishings on the 2nd floor.  Admission is $8 per adult,  $7 seniors, $5 for children or free for children under 5 and they give a special discount for a family of 4 for $20.  I strongly encourage anyone to go, if not for the educational value then for all the wonderful Christmas trees and their decorations.

The website is Christmas Around The World and it is open from November 27th to December 30th 2010.  There are only a few more weeks so check it out while you can.  They are open from 11am to 7pm and closed on Sundays, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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