WD-40 and the Wasp

I hate wasps, no I mean I really hate them.  Every time I turn around they are trying to build their nest on our front door.  This image is not the same one, I didn’t think to take a picture because whenever I see a nest I freak out, grab the WD-40 and spray it into the hole then within half an hour I’m knocking it down with whatever I can grab.  It’s like how you freak out when you see a roach then grab a shoe or say, a hammer lol.

It was only a month ago that I had to do this.  A wasp started building a nest on our front door and I spray it with WD-40 then waited about 30 minutes and knocked it down.  I didn’t know it came back and started over, if that is the same wasp, do they even live that long?

The last nest I knocked down shredded because of the WD-40.  It was empty so I didn’t have to worry about anything coming at me.  This time it was full, it wasn’t full of wasps though.  It had maybe 1 wasp inside of it, about 20 spiders and something that looked like larvae, I’m not quite sure.  It looked exactly like this:

They were all dead, probably because of the WD-40.  But I’m wondering why it had all those spiders and larvae inside of its nest.  I don’t know much about the insect world, other than how to kill them but I’ve never heard of this behavior before.  Having spiders in a wasp nest that is.

One of our neighbors a block away tells me every year that there are wasp nests all over her porch and she has to dodge them to water her lawn or do any gardening.  That’s why her garden is such a mess because she can’t go out there to do anything because they keep stinging her.  I told her that she should call someone out to get rid of them or go to the store and buy some wasp spray.  She can’t afford an exterminator and she’s too afraid to try to spray them or knock their nest down because she’s afraid she’ll get stung so she lives in fear of her own garden and porch.

We don’t have a large porch that you can sit down on, or a garden, all we have is our front door.  I have to be able to walk in and out of the house without being stung so I had to act quick before it got any bigger.

I read on eHow Home that if you spray the area that the nest was the wasp will not return to that spot so I sprayed the heck out of that spot and around it and even on the other side just in case.  You can’t be too careful right?

If I never see another wasp I will be a very happy person but I have a feeling that the war has begun lol.  I’m pretty sure this isn’t over and it will be back for revenge.  That is if it didn’t die from the WD-40 that I sprayed on it while it flew away from me.

One thought on “WD-40 and the Wasp

  1. kennywally

    I knew about wd 40, something I just tried too. Altho, years ago, I got attacked while watching a hot air ballon go overhead near my house, the thing hit the propane blaster which is quite LOUD, and it disturbed some bees who had a nest in an old electric service box, and so came out to defend what they perceived as an attack on them and started in on the first thing they seen which was me. I quickly got inside the house and closed the screen door, and they just kept trying to ram the screen, they were quite vicious, I started thinking about them killer bees. Anyways, a few got into the house and I got a formula for some bee spray from somewhere that sounded interesting [ standard spray bottle, with vegetable oil ,alcohol, dawn dishwashing liquid, [ probably near an ounce or 2 of each] and the rest water, shake it up good and go spray the bees, the oil will wet them down where they can’t fly, so you can just squash them, with gloves on, the dawn and alcohol made cleanup easy. it was a success!

    after I move and got surprised by some wasps in the garage, I thought about the old bee spray and oil and immediately thought of the wd 40 and it too works great!

    recently, I had a nest and didn’t know about it til friday, when I was chatting with my neighbor and it caught my eye all these bees by the corner of the garage.
    I tried a repellent concoction of vodka, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, lemon oil, and citronella oils to prompt them to move on, I got stung by one adult that I didn’t even see, I snuck there at night and sprayed down the whole inside corner hoping they would move on, but came back the next day only to see they were still active, so instead of the wd40, cuz I could not see the nest and the spray could not go as far as I needed it to go, I got and emptied 2 cans of wasp spray into the blind corner inside, then blasted/drenched the corner on the outside which caught my eye originally , and left for moms place. I’ll check the damage tomorrow.


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