Rainbow DNA Keychains on #Etsy


I recently bought some new neon colors for my keychains and earrings for my Etsy shop.  I made 5 of each style of the neon rainbow keychains and 5 of each style of the regular dark rainbow keychains.  When I say style I am referring to the color in the middle.  I have glow in the dark, gold, black, white and tie dye.  I also offer clear in the middle.

Because I have all these new colors, I will be able to offer so many more options for studs and hoops as well as dangle earrings.  I will be making the rainbow dangle earrings to match all of these styles.

I have totally changed my listing for the rainbow keychains.  Before you had the choice of rainbow A and B and so on, but now you simply choose the color like Neon Rainbow or Dark Rainbow, then choose a pattern which is the color in the middle.  I think that makes it so much easier to buy these keychains.  I will be changing the rainbow dangle earring listings so they are similar to this.

I have many listings for stud earrings, but I will be changing that as well to make buying all of the different color combinations in one listing.

When I read how to make a successful Etsy business, I was told that the more listings you have, the more successful you will become, but I just can’t see how that is true.  I think they just want you to have as many listings as possible because that’s how Etsy makes their money.  I want to offer a lot of choices, but at the same time I don’t want to confuse anyone, so I think having 1 listing for all the many color combinations is easier.

So if you would like to buy a pair of earrings, or a keychain, please look at my color swatches and read the notes below them and please visit my Etsy shop to make your choice.  My keychains and earrings are reasonably priced and are great quality.

#OppositeWorlds on SyFy #TeamEpoch!

team epoch

Have you ever been so addicted to a show that all you want to do is talk about it?  To everyone?  Yeah, this is one of those shows.

Before the show even aired I just knew I wasn’t going to like it because all I could think was how there are too many reality shows and I really don’t care for reality shows.  I mean, I do get attached to some, but only because the people suck me in lol.  Well, even though I had already decided I wasn’t going to like it, I wanted to make sure I still had that opinion after the first episode.  It’s like how you say you hate zucchini before you even try it, you have to try it to be sure you hate it.  Well, I was hooked in the first 5 minutes.

Of course I didn’t have a team when it started, but I had my mind set on Epoch after the first half hour of getting to know the people.  I don’t know what it was about them at first, I just knew I was going to really like them.

The first team challenge was lost and Team Epoch was stuck in the past for a week.  The second team challenge a week later, you guessed it, they lost.  Tonight after 21 days of living in the past, Team Epoch won a challenge and they have finally made it to the future.  YAY!

Can you imagine not being able to take a shower for 21 days?  I mean, you think your arm pits smell after a couple of hours in the gym, just imagine the stench of not just your own arm pits, but the other members of your team.  Not just arm pit stench, but… well… yeah I won’t go there, but you know what I’m talking about lol.

I was very sad when Team Epoch lost Wyatt because he and JR were my two favorite people in the game.  They just seemed like brothers to me.  They connected on a certain level that you just can’t break, but then they picked him to play in the elimination challenge and he didn’t want to do it, and he didn’t leave on a very nice note.  I feel bad that he left and I don’t hold his “bird” against him because I understand, he wanted to stay.  It is what it is I guess.  I still miss him though.

I didn’t like some of the Team Chronos players because they seemed arrogant to me.  And rightly so because they had toilets and showers and beds and food.  Who wants to live in the past?

When Mercy came into the game and Team Chronos sort of wanted to give the future to Team Epoch only because they were starting to feel sorry for them, Mercy gave a speech that made her sound like a jerk.  Team Chronos was trying to do the right thing for Team Epoch because they knew they had it bad and I think that was when I really started to like Chronos, especially Jesse, Frank and Lisette.  Those three have really grown on me.

I’ve always liked Jeffry and I’m sorry he was chosen as America’s most hated player twice.  Sorry guy, that wasn’t because of me.  I never voted you to be least favorite.  I wish he were on Team Epoch, but he was put on the wrong team.  I think he would have been better with Epoch in the past.  He fed JR and I hope JR reciprocates.  I know Jeffry will do well in the past because he seems like he is a survivor to me.  His first punishment was no food for 24 hours and now he was isolated for 24 hours.  It’s really sad that America keeps voting against him.  I really hope things turn around for him soon.

I really like Team Epoch because they seem more like a family to me than Team Chronos.  They call themselves the wolf pack and they do a thing with their hands while they are saying “woo woo woo woo” lol.  It’s just awesome and fun to watch.  I get this vibe from them like they will be best friends from now until the end of time.  They just make me want to love them, you know?  I really wish there was a live feed like they do with Big Brother on Showtime.  I would watch that.

Anyway, this is getting too wordy.  I’m just saying I like the show lol.

#Sochi Problems and Boycotts


Wow!  I mean just wow.  It seems like the Olympic committee would have done a bit more research before committing the Olympics to such a horrible place.  I’m reading tweets and articles about how the water looks like beer, or very dark urine that is harmful to the skin.  Then the horrible conditions in the hotels and in the guest rooms and public bathrooms.  2 toilets in 1 stall, a sign telling people not to flush toilet paper with a little bin below, which is beyond disgusting.  There is even a picture of 2 urinals with no plumbing attached.  No light bulbs, no internet, and as soon as they sign in, they get hacked.  One hotel didn’t even have a lobby, or reception, you had to go to the hotel managers bedroom to check in.  The list literally goes on and on and on.  Yeah, I’d say they were not ready for the Olympics.

I have heard of animals being fed poison to kill them because they have such a bad stray problem.  Well, wasn’t there an issue similar to this at another Olympics, but with homeless people?  No I don’t mean killing them, but relocating them lol.  Instead of killing the strays, why not find them good homes?  What about foster homes?  I mean really?  Killing them?

Putin said that gay people would be safe, yet I’m seeing videos and articles where the gay people are beat up and arrested.  How does that make them safe?  Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are “proud” sponsors, but how can they be so proud of such a travesty?  That is why so many people are not only boycotting the Olympics, but also their “proud” sponsors.  Budweiser, thank goodness, backed out because they didn’t want any part of that.  I don’t drink, but if I ever decide to, I’ll drink Budweiser.

I am glad that I don’t have to suffer through all that mess.  I honestly don’t understand how any of the gay athletes could even step foot in that country knowing the residents are being kidnapped and murdered simply because they were born gay.  How can they think that that kind of behavior is okay and they would be safe?  They have got to take off those rose-colored glasses because that is not the way things work.  I feel sorry for anyone who suffers at the hands of the Russian police and/or security for the Olympics.

I never really cared for the Olympics and now I care even less for them.  I will definitely not be watching now or ever again.  This whole thing has put the worst taste in my mouth that will never go away.  Shame on the Olympics committee for doing this.  This whole thing is nothing but a joke.

Homemade Stylus Boondoggles

rainbow dna

Yesterday I had a vision, okay so it was more like a thought.  I was looking for a pen, but couldn’t find one and thought gosh darn it, where are the gosh darn pens?  Okay, so I was a little bit more colorful in my language, but you don’t need to know that much lol.

As I was swearing, I looked over at a keychain that I was making for a customer and it clicked, what if I made some pens that look like keychains, but they have a pen inside?  So I tried and was not very successful lol.

keychain pen fail

You cannot see the other side of the pen because I wanted to take a picture with the gold on top for some odd reason.  Anyway, the other side doesn’t look very good.  The pen does not want to  cooperate, but perhaps I didn’t give it enough chance.  Regardless, it won’t work because it’s too bendy and I just don’t think anyone will want to use this.  It’s not refillable because once I weave the material around the pen, that’s it, it’s permanently in there.  If I could find some sort of hard plastic to  weave around that you could push the pen in, perhaps you can refill it.

My next thought was a Stylus pen for your touch screen tablet and cell phone.  I have a mini stylus and I started making a keychain that the nub could attach to, but there is a component in the stylus that my keychain does not have that will make the nub work.  Unless I find out what that is, I will not be very successful.  I am not going to give up on this because I really think it’s a cool idea, but rather I am going to find alternative ways to make it work.  I will get there, eventually.

Anyway, been working all day making earrings and keychains for Valentine’s Day and now it is definitely time for bed.  Until next time!