Planet Fitness Trainer

planet fitnessI signed up at Planet Fitness last year in September because they sent me a postcard in the mail with their sign up special. I wanted to exercise at a gym because I knew that I would lose more weight if I had a place to go to exercise.

I broke my leg in December, froze my membership in February, then unfroze it last Friday. When I unfroze my membership, it occurred to me that when I signed up, I never made an attempt to see one of their trainers to get help or advice on what machines I should use to help me lose weight, so while we were unfreezing my membership, I decided to sign the paper for an appointment.

My appointment was on Monday, and I told her about my leg problem and she didn’t give me any exercises for lower body, just upper body. Normally they would give me a 4 day plan, so like day 1 I do these 4 specific machines for upper body and day 2 4 more. Since I can’t do legs, she only gave me 2 days worth of exercises.

When she gave me my exercises, she moved on to the next client and I got started. I hopped on the Elliptical machine for 20 minutes, but my right leg was giving up on me after 6 minutes. I tried so hard to keep going, but at 8 minutes I had to start the cool down. I was on the Elliptical for a grand total of 10 minutes and 28 seconds lol. She told me to either do the Elliptical or the bike, and I chose wrong. After that I went to the muscle machines and I could only do 2 of them. I was in a massive amount of pain, and I really couldn’t find the other 2 machines. I went to the counter and asked her to show me where they were so I would remember the next time I came in.

I was in so much pain from doing 3 sets on 2 machines, I literally couldn’t lift the carton of Silk Almond milk from the fridge door to pour in my Raisin Bran the next morning. I was going to take 1 day off, then go back on Wednesday, but I needed an extra day to rest, and I was still in agony up until I went to bed. I woke up on Thursday morning and was feeling great. I told my partner I wanted to go back whether I was still in pain or not, and I was quite surprised to see him holding a sweat towel for himself on the way out the door. He never wants to exercise with me. He did 2 machines, then disappeared to the seat at the front of the gym and waited for me to finish. He’s actually in pain from the little amount of sets that he did. I told him not to do too much because he literally has no muscles, so he just did 1 set of the 2 machines.

My partner won’t allow me to ride my new tricycle to the gym anymore because he’s afraid I’ll have another accident and break another bone. I understand his apprehension because I’ve broken 2 bones in the last 2 years on my old bike. So I get it. I mean, I’m 45, I have a mind of my own and if I decided that I wanted to ride my new tricycle to the gym, that’s exactly what I will do, but I have the same apprehension which is why I haven’t done that yet. I’m freaked out about breaking another bone. I mean, I’ve lived my entire life without ever breaking a bone. I’m a clumsy person by nature, and I’ve been very lucky to have never broken a bone until I was in my 40’s, and I’ve had many tumbles off the bike. At this point I think I’m getting too old to walk away from a bike accident. I’m not saying I’m old, but I worry I might break a hip next. Seriously though lol.

Anyway, I’m happy he’s driving me to the gym because he’s actually taking advantage of my guest privileges, and hopefully he benefits from this as much as I do. And I hope these exercises she gave me will work. Next month we are going to start eating Weight Watchers again, so hopefully that will help. The trainer told me that this will only work if we are also eating healthy. I lost 70lbs in 6 months in 2013 from eating Weight Watchers alone, so imagine how much weight I might lose if I ate Weight Watchers and exercised at the same time. I can only imagine, and I’m really trying to picture myself skinny again. Boy oh boy am I really trying.

Wish me luck! Wait, no, it might jinx it lol.

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