Betty Boop C2C crochet blanket

In September and October I was crocheting a blanket made out of squares with many colors each with a black background. I was making this for my aunt for Christmas.

I was watching a video on YouTube and came across one from The Crochet Crowd that was teaching how to make C2C crochet, which stands for corner to corner. I thought it seemed interesting because you could make a blanket with pictures. I then thought hmmm… I wonder if they have a Betty Boop pattern, and I found one from

I started making this blanket right away. I had some white, but not enough, then found out the new yarn isn’t the same shade of white or texture, and I had trouble finding the right shade of skin for Betty, so I made a piece up to a certain point, then when I bought white I just started over fresh, and it took me a month to make this blanket.

I had to buy different brands because one brand didn’t have the same color for the skin, so the skin and the black, white and red are all different textures.

My Aunt loved it. I was hoping to make her a couch blanket because she takes a daily nap on the couch, like a ritual, but it’s way too big and heavy for a couch nap lol. It would probably be way too warm and she’s probably have to take it off after 5 minutes lol. Her bed is king size, the blanket is queen size, so that’s not good, but hey, I tried right?

Anyway, so yeah I learned a new pattern and gave an awesome gift.

Here is an example of how it’s crocheted along with the pattern next to it. It’s literally worked from corner to corner.


18 thoughts on “Betty Boop C2C crochet blanket

  1. Bonjour ! Vous avez eu besoin de combien de pelote de chaque couleur s’il vous plaît ?!?
    Merci à vous ! Très très belle réalisation j’ai acheté le tutoriel j’ai hâte de commencer ☺️


    1. Michel McDonald

      I do not I remember how much yarn I had to buy, but I know it was a lot. I needed at least 4 skeins or more of the white background, maybe 3 of the red, perhaps only 1 or 2 skeins of the black and 1 of the gold, although you don’t really need that much gold for the earrings and the bracelet.


  2. mamieain

    Bonjour ,
    j’ai acheté chez TwoMagicPixels les explications pour une couverture rectangulaire avec le motif JOKER… les augmentations, les diminutions, pas de problème..mais au rangs 181 et jusqu’au rangs 220 on me demande de continuer de travailler tout droit (maintain) là je suis complètement perdue ! je ne sais pas quel point employer ni ou piquer mon crochet.
    Votre aide me sauverais la vie ! Merci


    1. Michel McDonald

      I wish I could help, but I don’t know what the problem is because Google Translate isn’t giving me a good translation. I learned all I needed to know from watching videos on YouTube.


    1. Michel McDonald

      You should really watch this video tutorial from “The Crochet Crowd” that explains how to crochet with the corner to corner pattern. They take you from start to finish.


  3. mamieain

    I do not have Twitter ….
    here is what I found on the net, but the explanations are not complete

    To make rows that maintain a stitch count (as opposed to increasing or decreasing the number of squares in your row): Start with a ch 5 like you were while you were increasing. Continue the C2C pattern across.


    1. Michel McDonald

      I don’t know what you are trying to do, or what problem you are having. You said that you don’t know how to get the job straight without doing increases or decreases, but I don’t know what that means without a picture. You don’t have Twitter, so you can’t share it through Twitter. Do you have any other social media to share a picture with?


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