Style Me Up i-Loom Disabled App

Today is a very sad day for me because I just discovered that the i-Loom app on my Samsung Galaxy tablet has been completely disabled. This is what I see when I open the app now. I can no longer log in to the app and use the more than 40 patterns that I have bought over the last few years.

I had a strange feeling this would happen. When I noticed that they stopped posting on all of their social media accounts, then their website was completely gone, I had a feeling that all of my patterns would eventually just disappear, or they would block me from accessing my account. And that just happened to me.

I know that a year or maybe 2 years ago they discontinued their app on Android, and it was only available on iPad. But I was still able to use the app that had been installed on my tablet, so I didn’t really see it as that big of a deal. I recently asked people on Facebook who had an iPad if they could do me a favor and install the app and see if they could create a new account. One person did install it and she told me she got this notice that you don’t have internet access, which I have gotten when trying to connect to the community and the boutique.

So, even though it is only available on the iPad now, you can no longer create an account, and I have a feeling that whoever still uses the i-Loom on their iPad will no longer be able to sign in as well.

Style Me Up has completely abandoned their brand, their app, their product, which you can still buy online. I would say that they have completely abandoned all of the people who have spend money on their product, only to take it away from them. I would imagine because they weren’t making any money on their products. I tried to do a Google search to find out any news about their company and I can’t find anything. It’s like they just disappeared off the face of the Earth.

This really sucks because I thought this was an excellent product and they had an excellent app that gave you step by step, row by row instructions for making a bracelet. There is nothing else like it anywhere in the app store. The only thing I can find is an app that allows you to create your own patterns. There is also a PC program called FBD which stands for Friendship Bracelet Designer, which I have been using for many years and I had copied all 40+ patterns that I had bought from i-Loom onto FBD, so I didn’t really lose them. I had a foreboding that this would happen and if I didn’t copy all of the patterns to the computer, then I would lose them forever.

So I am sad that they have blocked access from using their app, but I’m glad that I copied all of the patterns to the computer. Always have a backup plan.

2 thoughts on “Style Me Up i-Loom Disabled App

  1. Mattaya

    Hi! I bought the i-loom pack a couple of years ago and every couple months I remember about it and make bracelets for people as gifts. I haven’t used it since before you made this post and I felt like making another bracelet earlier this week. I couldn’t login to my account on either my IPad mini or my IPad pro and I was really sad because now I can’t make a bracelet. You mentioned that you saved patterns and so I was wondering if you also saved the info that you need to get a bracelet started. All I want to make is a two colour, medium bracelet that looks like this: >>SEAMUS<< . I have found videos online on how to do the knots and I have done enough name bracelets that I could figure out how to make each letter on my own. My only problem is that I can't remember what lengths I would need for each colour and how to fold and cut the lengths and then tie them to get my bracelet started. You were the only place online where I found anyone talking about this issue with the i-loom app and I was hoping you'd be able to help me out, thanks!


    1. Michel McDonald

      I cannot express to you how sorry I am that I completely missed your comment. I had the ability to do names and such, but they never let me do it because I had too many patterns in my account, even though I didn’t, instead, I had 5 duplicates of each pattern for some reason which prevented me from creating a pattern with words and symbols and such. I’m sure in the year since you posted this comment, that you found the answer you were looking for, but just in case you didn’t, I typically have this formula I use. I go by small/medium/large so like a small would be like 6 inches, medium 7 inches and large 8 inches. So I will cut for up to 8 strands 60/80/100 and for 12 strands 80/100/120 and you know, the more strands you add, just add more length. Folding, what I do is I fold the braid in half, and then I do a braid, so the loop is braided, that way when you use your button, it goes through a neat braid. Again, sorry for taking a year to respond. No one ever comments unless it’s spam, so I don’t think to check.


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