Busy All Day

Wow I’ve just been busy all day long without 1 moment to catch my breath.  First off I woke up late.  I didn’t set the right time on my alarm for some reason.  The alarm clock has 2 alarm settings so if your spouse or whatever has to wake up at a earlier or later time then you can have them both set differently and both turned on.  Well, I have them both set for different times and the one that I needed wasn’t turned on lol.  I guess I just forgot to turn it on the right one.

So I woke up on my own at 5:30am and went out, Dell DJ battery was almost dead so naturally I had to charge that up.  6:30am comes and I leave the house.  I’m on my way home and my brand spanking new tube for the front tire blows.  UGH!  I’m like 5 minutes away from the house (not walking, by bike) so I have to pull over and put some air in the tube, just enough to get me home.  I come home and feel the tire and it’s goin’ down hehe.

I get in the shower immediately and then walk over to Albertsons to buy a bike repair kit.  My bike repair kit sucks, the patches aren’t patching lol so I needed a new one, one with that glue.  But Albertsons doesn’t have them so I go to Walgreen’s and get it.  Of course I had to go back to Albertsons anyway for other things.

I come home, put the new patch on the tube and I take one of my old tubes that the patch didn’t work for and I just cut it all the way around and since it has that green goop stuff (which doesn’t work by the way lol) I have to wash all that out, throw away all the chunks and then get it all off by hand in a bucket of water.  So then I wrapped that around my tube, the one that I just bought yesterday that already has a hole in it that I just patched up lol.  So hopefully this patch will keep it patched and if I run over another sticker then that extra tube in there will take the impact of it and not let it go through to the new tube.

So now it’s 11:45am, I’m going to drink my slim fast shake but then I have to go next door and clean the rental.  We were going to do it over the weekend but Darrin was just too exhausted to go over there.  He slept the entire weekend lol.

Hopefully it won’t take me too long, I’m going to bring my alarm clock and set it for 2:50pm so that I can come over here and watch Stargate SG-1 at 3pm.  If I still have more to do then of course I’ll go back but I don’t think there is too much to clean.

ChessMaster Game for PSP

I bought this game yesterday but only did the tutorial which was more of a lesson, telling you how each piece moves.  It was a lot to take in all at once.  Today I tried a practice game but I was stumped.  I didn’t really know what to do.  If you press the button with the square on it then it gives you a hint to show you where to go.  I kept losing so I started using the hints and I would’ve never even thought to do the moves that it was suggesting and after about 15 minutes I still lost lol.

Chess really is a game that you need a giant brain to play.  I don’t know how the people on Big Brother are able to wrap their brain around it because some of them aren’t very bright lol.  Apparently they are smarter than I am lol.  Unless they are just winging it to pass the time.  That’s my guess.

The whole reason I’ve been wanting to buy this game was so I could learn so I would have a reason to build that gothic chess set but I do realize that it would cost me at least $300 to build it.  It’s not really that worth it lol.  Oh well.

Edit: I calculated the cost of all the molds for making this gothic chess set.  It’s $199 just for the molds.  Then the chess pieces total to $57.42 and the pawns are $54.96.  Total for all of that is $311.38.  That doesn’t even include shipping and the expensive cement that you mix to pour into the molds, the glue and the paint.  I bet you are looking at probably over $400 to make the gothic chess set.  LOL Way too much money.  You have to be really dedicated to chess to want to make this.

Build Your Own Castle

Have you ever wanted to build a castle but didn’t know how?  I was doing a search on the internet for stained glass window patterns because with my new Versa-Tool I can solder and it says you can make stained glass windows.  I was thinking a regular piece of glass, maybe like from a picture frame and maybe Plexiglas or something.  Put it in a frame then make shapes with wire or something and solder it to the glass then use that gel paint to add in the colors and texture.  Viola you got stained glass.

But I found this instead.  It’s a website that has these molds you can buy or they teach you how to make your own molds.  You buy or make the molds then you pour either plaster of paris (which is cheap but chips easily) or the more recommended dental stone into the molds and you let it dry and it pops right out of the rubbery molds.  Then once you have all of your (let’s just say) bricks hardened and out of the molds, just bake it and it’s all dry and ready to build your castle.

They have detailed instructions on how to do everything like putting the bricks together to form a building and how to glue it all in place and how to paint it all with 3 different colors so it looks authentic.  There are videos too.

It’s not just castles, it’s also regular houses and space ships too.  It’s really cool.  If this is your hobby, like building little houses for your train sets and stuff (like Alec Baldwin in Beetlejuice) then you’ll love this website.  You can just use your own imagination and build whatever you want.

Their website addresses are:  www.hirstarts.com and www.castlemolds.com

The molds are not that bad in price if you think about the time it takes this guy to make the molds and the cost of the materials for the molds plus the very fact that he took the time and talent to make all the items that you make from these molds you are saving a lot by buying them from him.  I’m really thinking about buying a mold here and there as I get money for it.  Then just make tons of stuff and put them in buckets as if they are Lego’s so when I’m ready to make something I have them all ready-made.

Electronic Glue

I found this Firefox add-on called Glue.  What it does is when you are searching for a book, CD or movie on say for example Amazon or the Wal-Mart website and you are looking at let’s just say a book, this bar comes down on the top of your screen with little icons which are pictures of people who have also visited that book through whatever website.  You move your mouse over their picture to see what they said about the book.  If there is blue around their box it means they loved it but if it’s yellow then they wrote a review.

I actually like it because it saves me from having to scroll down and read a lengthy review.  This allows you 140 characters so you can leave a short to the point review.  It’s a lot easier and if a person likes the same thing you like then you can add them to your friends list so that you can see if they like other things you like.

For more about Glue  please visit: www.getglue.com/quickstart.html

Edit: When they first started it was always the top but then they changed it to the bottom.

Christmas Crafts

I was looking through a drawer today and came across some plastic canvas books that were given to me last year and there are 5 books with Christmas ornaments.

I’m going to try out some of the things that I have yarn for since I have a crap load of plastic canvas to work with but I don’t have the yarn to do everything.  Some of these need gold thread which I don’t have.

It’s not all plastic canvas though, there is 1 book with filet crochet projects like an angel that stands up (which means when you finish crocheting I guess you put glue on it so it stands up.  And there are stockings and ornaments which are both crocheted and knitted.

One of the things I think is cool are the 3D christmas trees.  One of them is furry so it looks really neat.  It has little miniature ornaments sewn into the tree.

If my Kodak all-in-one printer didn’t require ink to be able to scan then I’d have pictures available but I don’t have any ink right now.  Maybe once I get some things done or a bunch of things done I will take pictures and put them in the crafts section of my main website.

Tire Repair

I had a hole in my back tire and I repaired it a few days ago and the patch has held pretty much ever since but today I rode the bike to the store and it was fine then I rode it to the store again and when I came out my back tire was flat again. Of course I didn’t have my pump with me so I had to walk home.

When I got home I took the tire apart and put it in water and the bubbles were coming out of the side of the patch which means I didn’t put the patch on right. So I took the patch off, sanded the glue down as much as I could then repatched it and held the new patch on really tight and I’ve let it sit on the table in the back yard without pumping it up to see if it will stick better. I’m gonna go put it back together soon so I can see if it worked or not.


On Friday June 6th I went to the E.R. because I cut my hand with the blender. Well I’m happy to say that it’s totally healed up. The glue is all gone, most of it fell off but the rest got wet and melted away (oops) but I’ve peeled off the last of the glue as well as the excess stuff and the skin underneath it is completely healed. I’m glad too because I hated having to wear that tight yellow glove that people use to do dishes with. It was cutting off the circulation to the rest of my arm lol.

Emergency Room

We went to the store tonight and I bought a can of Slim Fast Optima because it controls your appetite for 4 hours it says. During the day I really don’t have much of an appetite, it’s typically after 6pm when my appetite comes at me.

I will eat dinner at 6pm but an hour later I’m hungry again and I keep wanting to eat until about 1am and that’s bad. You aren’t supposed to eat past a certain time, I think 8pm or something. So I needed something to help me out with that so I bought Slim Fast.

Well, so I got out my slim fast shaker cup and filled it to the 8oz line with some low-fat milk then I put a scoop of slim fast in it then shook the cup. Then I looked over at my blender and thought oh I should put it in there and add some ice to it and I got a real milk shake.

So I went over to the blender, it’s not a big blender, it’s a 1 glass blender so it doesn’t make a pitcher full of drinks, just 1 glass at a time. So I went to unscrew it from the unit and when I did that I unscrewed the glass from the blade instead of the whole thing from the unit.

So I sat the glass down and grabbed the blade part and tried to unscrew it and I was turning it the wrong direction and completely forgetting that I had it plugged in, I was holding the unit with my right hand and accidentally pressed the button on it and it blended my left hand.

Well, thankfully it didn’t do a lot of damage. All it did was it made a half round mark on the palm of my hand, it cut deep enough into my skin that I had to go to the E.R. The cut near my index finger was superficial compared to the cut near my thumb.

I didn’t have to wait that long and I got seen and they cleaned it up with iodine and the doctor used Dermabond to glue the cut closed instead of stitches. It doesn’t hurt or anything, I just gotta be careful and not get it wet for the next 5-10 days which is how long it will be on before it falls off. I was very, very extremely lucky that it wasn’t worse. I could be missing a finger.