Electronic Glue

I found this Firefox add-on called Glue.  What it does is when you are searching for a book, CD or movie on say for example Amazon or the Wal-Mart website and you are looking at let’s just say a book, this bar comes down on the top of your screen with little icons which are pictures of people who have also visited that book through whatever website.  You move your mouse over their picture to see what they said about the book.  If there is blue around their box it means they loved it but if it’s yellow then they wrote a review.

I actually like it because it saves me from having to scroll down and read a lengthy review.  This allows you 140 characters so you can leave a short to the point review.  It’s a lot easier and if a person likes the same thing you like then you can add them to your friends list so that you can see if they like other things you like.

For more about Glue  please visit: www.getglue.com/quickstart.html

Edit: When they first started it was always the top but then they changed it to the bottom.

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