Dead Like Me: Life After Death

dead-like-me-movieI blogged a couple of days ago about Dead Like Me the new movie from the Showtime show and I just wanted to add a couple of things.

If you haven’t seen the first 2 seasons you’ve gotta check it out.  It’s such a good show.  It stars Ellen Muth who plays Georgia “George” Lass who turns 18 and her mother forces her to get her life together and get a job.  So she goes to a temp agency called Happy Time but she doesn’t get very far.  Especially since she gets killed by a toilet seat from a Russian space shuttle in outer space.

Instead of getting to move on and go into the light, the grim reaper who took her soul gets to move on and she gets to take his place.  She is then forced to take souls until she meets her expected quota then she can move on and go to her lights.  But she is very apprehensive about it.

The reapers live among us but they don’t have the same face they had when they were alive to protect them and their families. But like us they have to make a living which means they have to have lives even though they are dead.  As dead George, or Millie, she gets a job with Happy Time where she went when she was alive and she gets the job thanks to her knowledge from when she was alive.

She is in a group of 4 other reapers.  There is Roxy (Jasmine Guy) who was a meter maid but became a cop, Daisy (Originally Laura Harris, now Sarah Wynter in the movie) who is an actress, Mason (Callum Blue) who is well, Mason.  And then there is Rube.  Rube (Mandy Patinkin) is the guy who hands out the post it notes which has the name, location and time of death so you know who to reap, when and where.

That’s basically the story, George isn’t supposed to interact with her family who she left behind but she does like to keep an eye on them and we as an audience get to see how their lives are going as they mourn the loss of George.

The movie basically follows the show a few years later.  Unfortunately, Rube has moved on and so they have a new boss who is a corporate type.  I can’t wait to see it and find out what happens.  If you like this story then rent or buy it.

If you buy it they will make more movies or they will continue the series on Showtime.  Trust me, you will like this.

Comic Books

Wow, I didn’t know there were so many comic books out there.  I knew about the obvious ones, Spiderman, Superman, X-Men etc.  But there are some that I didn’t know about like from tv shows that I watch or used to watch but are now gone.

Here is a list of comic books from tv shows that I used to watch

  • Futurama
  • The Simpsons
  • Eureka!
  • Farscape (I actually missed that show because we didn’t have cable when it was on.  I found out about it way later and by then they were in their last season so I just got to see a few episodes)
  • Buffy the vampire slayer (I actually knew about this)
  • Star War
  • World of Warcraft (from the game?)
  • Angel (is this the Buffy spin off or something else?)
  • Doctor Who
  • Ghost Whisperer

This list is from G-Mart, that page you can order comic books.  I seriously didn’t know that there were that many comic books.  I used to love comic books as a kid, especially Mad Magazine and I wish I still got it or some comic books.  That would be so neat.  I’d love to get the Buffy, Angel, Doctor Who and Ghost Whisperer comic books.  Eureka! and Farscape would be cool too.  Some of them are $2 a month and some are $5 a month.  Too much for me right now.  Plus I’ve missed all the earlier from the beginnings so I’m sure I’ve missed tons of information.  Oh well.

Too Much Reality

It all started in the 1990’s with the Real World on MTV.  Then I think Big Brother came out in 2000 or somewhere along those lines.  Then survivor and those shows are OK because they are more like a game.  But now you can’t change the channel without seeing a reality show.

It’s not a game anymore.  Some shows are games but mostly it’s the life of someone I don’t even know.  There is Keeping up with the Kardashian’s.  The father of all these kids except for Bruce Jenner’s kids, is the lawyer from the OJ case.  I really don’t want to see these brats you know?  Then there are the bounty hunter and his messed up family, then there are the family’s who repossess cars and exterminate bugs and rats and snakes.  Come on.

Ok, I realize that without all these reality shows we wouldn’t have 1000 channels to choose from.  I don’t exactly have 1000 channels to choose from because the cable package I have gives me like 200 channels but still.  I wanna see some acting and I wanna see some struggling actors getting their fair share you know?  There are so many actors who are starving who their agents can’t find them work because there aren’t enough shows or movies for their particular look.  I think that these channels should at least do a reality show with the starving actors and actresses.

Every time I change the channel it’s a reality show on either A&E or Bravo or E! or whatever.  There are some channels where you never see reality shows like Sci-Fi (except for their who wants to be a super hero but that is a game show) and Comedy Central (except for Drawn together but that’s a cartoon about a reality show lol funny stuff).  Or TNT and TBS, I never hear about reality shows there, all they have are movies and reruns of TV shows except they also have their own sitcoms and dramas.

Oh, and what happened to MTV and VH1?  They are all reality and no MUSIC!  What’s up with that?  Come on MTV and VH1, show me some music TV.  If you want MTV2 and VH1-2 to have reality fine, but your first channel should still play music dammit.