The Girls Next Door

Have you ever watched this show the Girls Next Door on E!?  I wasn’t always a huge fan of Hugh Hefner because I’m not real into looking at naked women in skin mags.  But I do like the show about him and his 3 girlfriends.  In some strange way these girls are kinda like role models for girls.  Huh?  (sound of record being scratched here).  Yes, I said it.

I was watching an episode where they surprise this girl who is just turning 18 and her mother says that there aren’t a lot of good role models on TV anymore but these girls are.  Uh, OK.

Although I haven’t been watching the show from the beginning, I do watch it occasionally and it is very glamorous.  They live in a mansion and get to do whatever they want and never have to work.  They do fun stuff so the “reality” show has something to show.

Unfortunately the show is coming to an end on March 1st because all 3 ladies are leaving Hef.  They have been living with him all these years and the time has come for them to start living normal lives where they can actually get married to someone and have children of their own.

What’s next for Hef?  Will this mean the end of the show or will he continue it for another season with 3 new girls?  I don’t think it will be the same with 3 new girls.  I mean, if these 3 ladies continue to do the show but just have their own homes but still work for Hef then I’d still watch it.  Bridget works on the Playboy Sirius show and Holly works with Playboy to find new girls for the magazine.  What does Kendra do?  Well, I know that she is going to get married to a football guy, I think.  I know Holly is going to be with Kriss Angel.  I wonder what will happen.  I do kinda hope it comes back for a new season, whether with new girls or the same girls, I guess I’ll find out.

Electronic Glue

I found this Firefox add-on called Glue.  What it does is when you are searching for a book, CD or movie on say for example Amazon or the Wal-Mart website and you are looking at let’s just say a book, this bar comes down on the top of your screen with little icons which are pictures of people who have also visited that book through whatever website.  You move your mouse over their picture to see what they said about the book.  If there is blue around their box it means they loved it but if it’s yellow then they wrote a review.

I actually like it because it saves me from having to scroll down and read a lengthy review.  This allows you 140 characters so you can leave a short to the point review.  It’s a lot easier and if a person likes the same thing you like then you can add them to your friends list so that you can see if they like other things you like.

For more about Glue  please visit:

Edit: When they first started it was always the top but then they changed it to the bottom.

Dead Like Me Movie

Last night I found out that there was a Dead Like Me movie.  I saw it on Facebook as an ad in the right side.  I thought it was for the tv series that only lasted 2 seasons but it was for the movie.  So I got curious about it and was looking at the Facebook page and saw a video which was a commercial on YouTube.  It looked pretty interesting.

When Dead Like Me first came to Showtime, I saw all the billboards and there were commercials for it on the Sci-Fi channel and stuff but I couldn’t watch it because I didn’t have Showtime back then.  But then one night I was sitting at my desk a few years ago and it was on Sci-Fi channel.  I was finally able to watch it and I watched the entire 2 seasons I think in a couple of months on Sci-Fi.

Now the movie.  I don’t know when they made the movie but it was released on video a few days ago on February 17th 2009.  Why did it go straight to DVD and not go in theaters?  That’s strange.  The sex in the city movie was in theaters.

I for one can’t wait to buy or rent this movie.  I wonder if the Red Box has it at the store?  There was a video on YouTube where Ellen Muth sounded like she was on the phone leaving a message saying buy the DVD, if you download it instead of buying it you are preventing us from making more movies or possibly continuing new seasons.

Ok Ellen, I won’t download it but in this economy I can’t buy it either.  I don’t know how anyone can expect people to splurge on things like buying blu-ray and DVD movies with our economy the way it is.  I mean if you still have your job that’s one thing, go ahead, help the economy out by buying movies.  But mostly people don’t have their jobs anymore so they can’t afford to spend any of their savings on anything but groceries and paying their bills.  I for one am one of the people suffering from this economy so I definitely cannot buy the DVD just yet.

Edit: I just wanted to clarify something.  When I say I don’t know how anyone can expect… I don’t mean any one person in particular.  I mean like the companies who are putting DVD’s out and the companies who are selling DVD’s.  It’s the same with Amazon selling their Kindle 2 for $359.  How can they expect to sell those right now?  Why couldn’t they wait for the economy to get back on track.  They can’t judge how well a movie or tv show is doing by it’s DVD sales because I’m sure DVD sales have dropped 50% or more.