I finally rented Wall-E.  I was at the grocery store today and went to the red box looking for the Dead Like Me movie but it wasn’t there so I rented Wall-E. I actually liked this movie and don’t know why I waited so long to see it.  It was very touching, I know it’s basically about a trash compactor robot but it wasn’t just that, it was about a trash compactor with feelings, a machine who recognized that he wasn’t just a machine but he had a purpose in life.  Like he was alive.

I highly doubt it is possible for a robot to have feelings because they are just nuts and bolts and a program and unless they are programmed to have feelings, even then the feelings won’t be real because a machine doesn’t have a soul.  If we have no soul we have no feelings. But it was cute to see a machine who did have feelings.

I thought it was hilarious that they think that all humans will be that lazy and fat in the future because it’s probably true.  People will probably rely on machines to do all of their work for them and they won’t have to do any housework anymore.  Maybe even have their machines go to work for them and then get paid for the work that their robots will do then just sit back and enjoy the spoils from the work that a robot did for you while they come home from work and continue to work around the house doing things we’re too lazy to do.

Who knows what might really happen in the future but I am willing to wait and find out.

Green Wheel

greenwheelOk I found this on dvice.com

Green Wheel gives any bike an electric push

I want one of these because when I go on my bike ride on the bike trail I usually go 11-18 miles and sometimes the bike trail has these hills (that they put in intentionally to give you a workout) but I’m so tired that I just can’t make it up.  This will help.

Also I think it would help me get to the bike trail with no effort on my part then get me back home from the bike trail in 1 piece.  Usually by the time I get home from my bike ride 2 hours later I can barely walk, especially if I haven’t been riding in a while so while I’m letting it take me home my legs are resting so I can actually walk to the bathroom instead of using a walker.