Chimp Attacks Woman

I just read this story on the AOL news page about a woman who has a Chimpanzee who raised him from a baby and this chimp was treated like a real human being.  This woman’s husband died and he basically put himself in the deceased husbands place I think.  When the woman left the house the chimp would be sad but when she left with someone else he took that like she was cheating on him.

Here is the story: Chimp Was Unusually Close to Owner

Here is my opinion.  Chimps belong in the jungle with other chimps.  They don’t belong on TV shows with truck drivers (Although BJ and the Bear was a good show) and they don’t belong with families with children or with lonely widows.  They belong with their own kind.  You don’t see any human children being left in the jungle to be raised by monkeys do you?  There are no real Tarzan’s or George of the jungles or that kid from jungle story.  The 2 species should never intermingle.  Especially considering we “evolved” from them.

Yes it would be cute and fun to dress a monkey up in your childs clothes and put a baseball cap on him and put diapers on him (although it wouldn’t be fun changing said diaper).

“She gave him the finest food, and wine in long-stemmed glasses. They took baths together and cuddled in the bed they shared.”

That’s sick.  A friend of hers came over to the house and the monkey went ballistic and started ripping her face off and this poor woman now has to have surgery to put her face back together.  The widow stabbed her own pet and was yelling on the 911 tape to SHOOT HIM.  How can you deal with that?  Stabbing your own pet and telling the cops to shoot him.  OMG this is why the laws need to change.  This is a wild animal lady.  You don’t keep a wild animal in your house.