There is this story that everyone is talking about.  This woman who is unemployed and not married had 6 children but she is addicted to having children.  I believe that she had all of her first 6 children via fertility doctor.  I know that she went back to the fertility doctor for her other 8 kids that she had all at once.  Apparently they were all frozen and she didn’t want them to go to waste so she had them all put inside her.

“The Web site posted photographs from inside Angela Suleman’s disheveled three-bedroom home, where Nadya and her brood also live. Heaps of clothing pour from an open closet door and a carpeted bedroom, where a bed sheet serves as a curtain, is cluttered with cribs.”

That is a quote from The Associated Press, yes, I admit, I googled it for this blog.

This woman’s mother is so upset with her for doing this because she doesn’t have any help and expects her mother to help her.  There is only so much help a mother can give to her daughter who now has 14 children.  But what gives her the right to have 14 children with no job and no husband?  She sent her story to all these companies like Pampers and Gerber because she wanted free diapers and free baby food.  They apparently had no sympathy for her because they didn’t respond to her.  I don’t blame them because her story is a liability to them.  They can’t afford to be associated with someone who is abusing her god given right to have children and also abusing the system.

If she has no job and no husband, how is she supposed to support all these children?  Welfare?  Exactly!  She is putting her dilemma on the state.  So everyone gets to pay to raise her children.

I was watching Chelsea Lately tonight on E! and she asked “why is it that this woman can have 18 children but gay people still can’t get married?”  The audience and 2 of her 3 panel members were clapping.  The 2 clapper were women, the other one was a guy who is obviously homophobic since he didn’t clap.

You have to be secure with your own sexuality to be comfortable with gay people I guess.  I know lots of straight people who are rednecks who are the last people you would think would be gay friendly but they are.  So think about that.  How did this go from the Octomom to gay people?  LMAO!