Strange Activity With My Blog

You might have noticed there were 3 new posts with the title “Mel Gibson’s Father, As Crazy As Mel” today. That was unintentional. I was using the Amplify website to copy images and text as quotes for a post about the Prop 8 update (watch for in a few minutes) but it would automatically take my first Amplify post (About Mel) along with the Prop 8 info from and post it without my permission.

The problem is a Google Chrome plugin that I have been using for a long time called Last Pass which allows my browser to automatically log in to websites with my stored passwords. For some odd reason it thought the subject line was a password and it automatically submitted my post thinking it was signing into a website.

That has never happened before and in order for me to actually continue with this blog post I had to disable that plugin.

I will try to keep that in mind next time I use Amplify to write posts.

Mel Gibson’s Father, As Crazy As Mel

Is this guy serious? Some would say that because he is 91 years old you should just give him a break because he was born in another time and that back then… whatever . I’m sure he was raised by racist bigots and so he raised his son Mel to be a racist bigot and Mel’s going to raise his kids… the chain will probably never end.

It’s too bad too because it’s the year 2010 and instead of being so hateful to other people who you don’t know or understand, it’s time to start doing what the bible says and Do Unto Others! Treat people the way you would want to be treated. If you don’t want to be called a bigoted name then don’t call people a bigoted name. It’s that easy. I don’t want to have to bash this old guy in my blog but I will do unto him the way he is doing unto the pope. Not that I really care about the pope you know but still.

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Now Mel Gibson’s father brands the Pope ‘gay’ in outrageous radio outburst

The Braveheart actor’s father, Hutton Gibson – a devout Catholic like his son – has reportedly blasted the Vatican and labelled Pope Benedict XVI as ‘gay’ on a US radio show.

According to gossip website, Gibson senior rang Stateside radio talk show the Political Cesspool Radio Program, which is broadcast on the Liberty News network, during which he’s asked if the Catholic Church was addressing issues such as homosexuality.

The 91 year-old responded: ‘It’s not willing to do so because half of the people there in the Vatican are queer.’


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