Strange Activity With My Blog

You might have noticed there were 3 new posts with the title “Mel Gibson’s Father, As Crazy As Mel” today. That was unintentional. I was using the Amplify website to copy images and text as quotes for a post about the Prop 8 update (watch for in a few minutes) but it would automatically take my first Amplify post (About Mel) along with the Prop 8 info from and post it without my permission.

The problem is a Google Chrome plugin that I have been using for a long time called Last Pass which allows my browser to automatically log in to websites with my stored passwords. For some odd reason it thought the subject line was a password and it automatically submitted my post thinking it was signing into a website.

That has never happened before and in order for me to actually continue with this blog post I had to disable that plugin.

I will try to keep that in mind next time I use Amplify to write posts.

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