Smell-enhanced augmented reality food makes every meal a gourmet feast | DVICE

via Smell-enhanced augmented reality food makes every meal a gourmet feast | DVICE.

Ok this is a little bit strange but could be useful if there is a shortage of food.  You could make crappy unflavored cookies with very little calories but it will make you think you are eating something very tasty filled with tons of calories like a chocolate cake or a Twinkie.  Or maybe if you want a pizza it will make you think you are eating a small round pizza lol.  I don’t know.

Blog Down, RSS Up

Oh my goodness what a day I’ve had. Went to the doctor’s office, got praised for losing 2lbs the WHOLE MONTH which upsets me but the doctor seemed to be happy about it for some odd reason. We come home and I go on a tangent of trying to fix my RSS feed and screw the whole thing up.

I had this plug-in which was supposed to fix everything but it didn’t do anything and I went to their blog and posted a comment asking for help. I figured that if I just re-upload all the blog files it would fix it but it did the complete opposite. I couldn’t access anything at all. My blog was down for at least an hour.

I was floored that I might have lost my blog but I got it back and everything is fine. My RSS feed works again which was all I wanted to begin with and my blog is up again. WHEW! I really need a cocktail now lol.