Crewel Lye

I finished reading the 8th Xanth Novel today called “Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn”.

This was sort of different from the rest of the Xanth novels that I read. This time the story was all about Jordan the ghost. He was telling 5-year-old Ivy the story of his life and how he died.

In order for him to tell his story they had to clean the magic tapestry with a homemade cleaner (which was a crewel lye) but he died because of a crewel lie. See the pun? I forgot where it was but there was a reference to spinning a yarn (telling a story) but it was caustic? LOL I don’t remember now. The puns are getting a bit confusing.

I really hate giving too much of the story away just in case anyone hasn’t read it so I’m just gonna say that I liked it. Of course I like all of the Xanth novels so it’s hard for me to say anything else.

I don’t know what it is about these books but they are so easy and fun to read. During the time that I’m reading them, I feel like I’m in the story. Have you ever seen The Neverending Story? That’s the way it is except I’m not actually in the story lol. But I feel like I’m there watching instead of reading from my bedroom.

So that’s 8 Xanth novels down and 25 to go until they release the last 2 books then it will be 27 to go. My next book will be New Moon, the 2nd Twilight book. I bought it from the grocery store on December 3rd (impulse buy) and I still have yet to read it so it’s next on my list to read tomorrow.

KFC Dollar Menu

Talk about your false advertising.  I’ve been seeing these commercials on TV for the KFC dollar menu where these 2 guys are in the car and the driver is all “you have a dollar menu?” then he looks back to the people in their cars behind them yelling “They have a dollar menu” while the passenger is laughing.

Then there is the commercial with the “spy” asking if they have the secret recipe and asking how much and the guy inside says a dollar.

They show all these things as being a dollar.  Well, we were at the KFC today and their dollar menu had the following products.  KFC Snackers in many different flavors, original, crispy, honey BBQ and one other which I can’t remember.  Then they had 2 biscuits for $1 and 2 pies for $1 and 3 cookies for $1.  That’s it.

They had several other items for $1.49 and $2.49 but that’s hardly a dollar.  Why are things that are a buck and a half or two bucks and a half on the one buck menu?  That’s false advertising.

And speaking of false advertising.  We bought 4 KFC snackers, 2 original for Darrin and 2 crispy for me.  They were so tiny and we couldn’t tell which were original and which were crispy.  But they were so small, I said to Darrin we would’ve been better off going to McDonald’s getting the Chicken sandwiches from their dollar menu because they were twice as big as the KFC snackers.

My opinion, go to McDonald’s, you get more bang for your buck buck buck.  Pun intended.

A Spell For Chameleon – Part 2

Well I finally finished reading this book about an hour ago. I thought it was a very good book. Although I didn’t get the puns at first because I didn’t think of them as puns but more I was thinking of them as what they were. In the fantasy world that I live in, if they say it’s a Jelly tree then it has jelly inside of it. I don’t take it any other way. So it was a shock to me when I was told that “Jelly Tree” was a pun.

I lived in the world of EverQuest for 6 long years plus I’ve lived in the fantasy realm for a lot longer than that lol. Some people may laugh at that but it’s true. I’ve always been a fan of science fiction and fantasy. So it is no surprise to me when Piers Anthony writes about a blanket plant and I have to assume the leaves are blankets.

Besides all that, I am always making up puns whenever someone says something I come up with this off the wall joke usually including a pun. Nobody laughs, they usually moan.

I had this friend named Bob and he was like me too so he and I were constantly making each other laugh. I would say something and Darrin would say Mike that doesn’t make sense but you could hear Bob laughing in the background because Bob got it. And he was usually the only one. For the rest of the people I had to sit there explaining my joke before they called the men in white coats to take me away.

Getting back to the book though.  I thought it was a very good book.  Every chapter had its own little mini quest or adventure and I was glued to it whenever I read it.  My jaw had dropped to the ground in the last chapter when you know who became King.  Hey, I’m not going to spoil it for anyone lol.  Because I wasn’t expecting that to happen.  But I guess it all ended good and everyone lived happily ever after.  Right?  Well, that is until I start reading the next one.

To be continued in The Source of Magic…

Fruit Cake In The Making

WOW! I knew there was a lot of ingredients but this is a lot. The fruit and nuts are soaking in rum right now for 3 hours then I get to mix the rest of the ingredients. It’s 5lbs. which if sold at a specialist bakery would be $100. So I’m at least satisfied with that. I really can’t wait for it to be done.

Hours later…

The fruit cake is in the oven for 3 1/2 hours.  I’m looking forward to taking it out and tasting hehe.  By the way, I said earlier that the fruits and nuts were 5lbs.  Well, with the batter it’s over 7lbs.  After I put the fruit cake mix in each aluminum container I weighed them (there are 3 cakes) and they are about 2 3/4lbs each.

Update: 1 1/2 hours to go.  Boy does it smell so good.  I keep looking at it and see it rising and see the color of the cake getting darker and just the smell makes me want to just take it out of the oven early and just take a slice.  But I gotta let it cook all the way because if I don’t it’s not gonna taste right lol.

Update: Ok, I guess I forgot to update this post way back when but the fruit cake was a complete success.  I followed the directions completely and it over cooked just a little so it tasted a little burned but that didn’t stop it from doing a disappearing act real fast.  Next Christmas I’m going to make this again since it was such a hit but not cook it for the exact complete time that it said.  Maybe slice off (pun intended) half hour.  Just to make sure it doesn’t get burned.

Skill Going To Waste

When I was 17 years old and my sister found me in Simi Valley after being homeless for nearly a year and let me move in with her I decided that after seeing my first boyfriend Robert crochet that I wanted to learn how to crochet too.  I bought a couple of books about learning crochet and knitting as well as some knitting needles, crochet hooks and some yarn.

I learned how to knit but I never really liked and I learned how to crochet and found it was a lot faster to make something and I could read the directions easily and so I got hooked (pun intended) on crocheting.

Over the next 20 years I had made many pillows, blankets, lots of coaster, a sweater during the Rodney King riots and even a bed for my kitty.  But last year I had to stop because my hands would get numb after only a few minutes of crocheting.  I involuntarily gave it up.

Chips and his moms friend Julia had passed away after Halloween in 2007 and her niece was going through her house and found tons of yarn and gave the majority of it to me knowing that I crochet.  Well, I was very happy to get it all but I knew that I wouldn’t have much use for it anymore due to my numbness.  I wasn’t exactly sure otherwise I would’ve rejected it which would have meant it would all go to the trash which would’ve been a total waste of good yarn so I accepted it.  At Christmas 2007 I brought a lot of the yarn that I didn’t care about with me and gave it all to Chips niece and another family member as well as all these knitting needles and crochet hooks.

Well, even though I had a good 20 years of crocheting I’m not ready to give it up because I’ve been dying to crochet hehe.  Even though I know I shouldn’t do it because I don’t want to flare up the carpel tunnel syndrome, I’m doing it little bits at a time.  It’s not going to hurt if I do little bits at a time.

I just think it’s a total waste of a great skill because not a lot of men can or want to crochet.  Some men think that if they crochet they aren’t men but lots of men crochet like Rosie Grier the football player, my Uncle Ron who is probably the most masculine man I’ve ever met crocheted in his earlier years, the private detective on the tv show Pushing Daisies knits and crochets and they are always showing yarn on his desk in his office.  So it’s not a skill that is female specific.  But it is a waste of a skill if you can’t do it anymore.  I would’ve liked to be able to do it all year because that is usually the source of christmas presents from me.