KFC Dollar Menu

Talk about your false advertising.  I’ve been seeing these commercials on TV for the KFC dollar menu where these 2 guys are in the car and the driver is all “you have a dollar menu?” then he looks back to the people in their cars behind them yelling “They have a dollar menu” while the passenger is laughing.

Then there is the commercial with the “spy” asking if they have the secret recipe and asking how much and the guy inside says a dollar.

They show all these things as being a dollar.  Well, we were at the KFC today and their dollar menu had the following products.  KFC Snackers in many different flavors, original, crispy, honey BBQ and one other which I can’t remember.  Then they had 2 biscuits for $1 and 2 pies for $1 and 3 cookies for $1.  That’s it.

They had several other items for $1.49 and $2.49 but that’s hardly a dollar.  Why are things that are a buck and a half or two bucks and a half on the one buck menu?  That’s false advertising.

And speaking of false advertising.  We bought 4 KFC snackers, 2 original for Darrin and 2 crispy for me.  They were so tiny and we couldn’t tell which were original and which were crispy.  But they were so small, I said to Darrin we would’ve been better off going to McDonald’s getting the Chicken sandwiches from their dollar menu because they were twice as big as the KFC snackers.

My opinion, go to McDonald’s, you get more bang for your buck buck buck.  Pun intended.

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