Internet Explorer 8

I downloaded the new Internet Explorer 8 from Microsoft’s website and installed it last night before I went to bed and this morning I loaded it. I looked at it for a few minutes and it didn’t really look any different. Other than the fact that it created a whole new toolbar for the Paypal button on its own toolbar by itself but luckily it had an X next to the toolbar so I was able to close it.

I wasn’t too impressed because it looked just like the previous IE7. I closed the browser and all of a sudden without any warning I started getting this error message and I’d close it and another one came up. I closed that one and another and another over and over again. There must have been 100 all for the same 2 errors. It would warn me about 1 error and it told me the number (which I didn’t think to write down) then I closed it and it told me about another one with its own number (again…).

The only way to get that crap from continuing was I had to reboot the computer. Yeah, I think I’ll stick with Firefox, thanks though.