Roast of Larry the Cable Guy

I’ve been looking forward to this since I first heard it was going to be on.  The Roast of Larry the Cable Guy aired tonight at 10pm on Comedy Central.  The panel was Zac Brown, Gary Busey, Reno Collier, Nick DiPaolo, Jeff Foxworthy, Toby Keith, Maureen McCormick, Jeffrey Ross, Warren Sapp and Lisa Lampanelli as the Roastmaster.

I kinda felt sorry for Maureen McCormick because of the jokes towards her but she took it like a man.  She was very raunchy and I thought she did the best job in this roast.

Gary Busey was…. well, himself.  Although he was funny.  He was pretending like he wasn’t himself and so he was telling Gary Busey jokes lol.  Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself then you have no sense of humor.

Bill Engvall phoned in his performance.  It was a video, he couldn’t even take the time out of his life to show up to the roast of one of his friends.  That’s ok.

I love these Roasts, I remember watching them as a kid with Lucille Ball as a roaster and Dean Martin and Don Rickles.  Those were the days.  But, back then you couldn’t say a lot of words you can say today.  Although, they say a lot of words you still can’t say on TV but they just bleep it out.  I watch every roast when they have them if I know about it.  I don’t watch Comedy Central as much as I used to because I’m always on Sci-Fi channel so when I do see a Roast commercial I make time to watch it.

Can’t Sleep

I have to take Ambien to help me sleep because I have ADHD really bad.  If I don’t take a sleeping pill I’m up all night.  I’m a real bad insomniac.  I would love to be able to just lay down and bam I’m asleep but I can only do that when I’m so exhausted from lack of sleep lol.

I also have Sleep Apnea which means I gotta wear a mask on my face which forces air into my lungs through my nose and that’s also why I need ambien.  Believe me, if you were me you would not say jack shit about drug abuse by taking ambien because wearing that mask and having the air forced into your lungs doesn’t make falling asleep easy.  I’ve had it for a few years too and I still can’t sleep without a sleeping pill.

My problem though is that I think I’m becoming immune to the effects of the ambien which is why I lay in bed for 2 hours with my eyes closed but brain still open for business.

Well, my first ambien I took was only half a pill (for this very reason) so I’ve already taken the other half and now I’m ready to get back in bed.

Until tomorrow…

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

There is a movie that I just heard about that is from Joss Whedon and family that I am head over heals for.  It’s called Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog which stars Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible and Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer.

OMG it is so good.  It’s basically a 42 minute musical (as by the title) comedy all about Dr. Horrible sitting in front of his computer doing video blogs and he tries to rule the city while Captain Hammer always tries to save the day.  But Captain Hammer is a pompous prick.

Normally you would root for the good guy but in this movie the good guy is a douche and you root for the bad guy instead because even though he is evil to the core, he’s still a sweet lovable guy who just wants to get the girl (gag).

Let’s face it, Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion are perfect for these roles.  They both can sing.  Oh boy can they sing.  And they both do such a great job in this as their characters.

Dr. Horrible’s… was a little movie with 3 acts filmed during the writer’s strike of 2008.  I was told by a friend tonight about this musical episode that it was going to be a new summer 2009 show for ABC but when I went to it didn’t show anything so I just assumed it was Hulu only.  Then I discovered that Amazon has the DVD for sale.

I also Googled the shows title and found the official website.  I’m reading the “Master Plan” and I see that it was only going to be available to see on the internet until July 20th 2008 then it’s gone from the internet forever.  But… it is still on the internet.

If you would like to buy it on DVD make sure you go to Amazon and to to download it on iTunes.  They also have some t-shirts for sale for $25.

Nathan is in his own show on ABC called Castle which is on Monday’s at 10/9C and Neil Patrick Harris is still in How I Met Your Mother on CBS Monday’s at 8:30/7:30C.

Which ever show you watch you can also watch them at Hulu, that you can be sure of.