New Joss Whedon Show – Dollhouse

I recently heard about a new show on Fox called Dollhouse which is created by Joss Whedon starring Eliza Dushku.  I liked her as Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I didn’t watch her other show but apparently it didn’t last long because she is now in Dollhouse.

I tried watching the first episode of Dollhouse on Hulu but I wasn’t really that into it.  I mean, if I really wanted to watch it I’ve had the last few days to try since I first heard about it and I haven’t tried to watch it again.

It’s about Echo who is an “Active” for this illegal underground organization called Dollhouse.  They use these women as pawns to do certain tasks for them then they erase their memory.  These women can never have a real life outside of the Dollhouse.

I’ll try to watch it again.

Tune in to Fox on Friday’s at 9/8C for Dollhouse.


I’ve finished reading the 2nd Xanth book entitled “The Source of Magic”. I’m waiting for the 3rd and 5th book to arrive in the mail and I have the 4th book already.

I really liked The Source of Magic, although the 11th and 12th chapter had me shaken up because of Chester, Crombie and Humfrey, what happened to them.  But when I got to the last 2 chapters I felt more at ease.  I don’t want to give anything away for those who haven’t read these books yet.  I know this one was written in 1979 (or at least published) and many have probably already read them but I’m just now reading them so I’m sure there are many others who have not read them yet.

A friend of mine, Alyce, bought me the 3rd and 5th book and sent them yesterday along with a few other goodies hehe so I have to wait for those to come before my adventure continues.  And I’m sure it will be here on Monday (crosses eyes, fingers and legs).

But what to do with my time while I wait…  Hmmmm…. what shall I do?


I went to eBay to find how much the Kindle 1 cost used and it’s not that much cheaper.  I did find this though. eBookwise 1150 Reading Device for $135.95 +$10 shipping.  It has a sad 64mb of internal memory but you can add more with SmartMedia Memory Cards, up to 128MB.

Go ahead and read their website from that link above.  I’m thinking that if I am able to save the money for the Kindle 3 by the time it comes out and I still can’t buy it or it still doesn’t have the features I want then to heck with it, I’ll just buy this one.  Or I might just save up for eBookwise e-reader to use as a test e-reader and use it until the kindle goes down in price.  There is no sense in spending money I can’t afford to spend on something I probably won’t be able to use that often.  And if I bought books on this new one I’m almost positive I can transfer them over to Kindle if I do decide to get one of those.  Then I can give the eBookwise to Darrin.

Hehe I’m always giving him my hand me down electronics.