Everyone’s a Critic

I have my own taste in what I watch on TV.  But what I hate is when people tell me stuff like “don’t waste your time on that show” or “OMG that is so lame, you are such a pussy for watching that”.  You know what.  Screw that.  I don’t give a crap what people have to tell me about how they feel about the shows I like.  I don’t go around telling people that they shouldn’t be watching the stuff they watch.  Jeez dude, mind your own business.

I’ll give you an example.  OK, I like shows like Buffy and Charmed but a lot of people will say that those shows are targeted for girls.  No they’re not!  They are targeted to anyone who likes that world.  I just so happen to be that type of person.  I don’t care if it’s all men burping and farting, as long as they are casting spells and vanquishing demons or slaying vampires, that’s all I care about.

Some people will say “oh well that’s not very educational now is it?  I just watch the home decorating shows and you know, educational programming like the Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel (TLC) and the History Channel.  You know, you could be a little more educated if you stop watching those TV shows of yours”.  You know what, let me tell you something about education.  Shove your education up your pie hole =)) I watch those things too.  I watch the History channel and Discovery once in a while, if it’s interesting to me.  I don’t base my whole existence on that crap because they aren’t fantasy.  I would much rather live in the fantasy world because it’s more interesting.

Listen, I have ADD, you know what that means?  It means if I don’t give a crap about something then I’m not going to pay any attention and I’m not going to remember 1 thing you told me about any of it.  I may be sitting there, staring at the screen for an hour but I can guarantee you that I won’t hear 1 word being said.  And at the very end you can quiz me on it and I’ll tell you the same thing everyone time.  “Huh?  What?  Oh I’m sorry, I wasn’t even paying attention.”

If you ask me anything about Smallville, Supernatural, Heroes, Buffy, Charmed or any of the other many shows that I watch, I will have so much information that you will be like omg I can’t believe you remembered that but yet you can’t remember anything that you just saw in the last hour that I made you watch on the History channel.

Sorry, it’s how I roll.


Last year I watched this show on BBC America called Primeval.  I thought it was a very good show.  They only have about 6 or 7 episodes for each season but that’s because it cost so much money to make with all the dinosaurs and special effects.  The story is pretty good and I highly recommend it.

Here is a synopsis from scifi.com:

World-renowned evolutionary scientist Professor Nick Cutter and his team are recruited by the British Government to investigate a series of dinosaur sightings. From a Gorgonopsid rampaging through the Forest of Dean to a swarm of giant spiders in the tunnels of the London Underground, they find themselves doing the “Monster Mash” with some seriously beastly opponents.

The seemingly impossible becomes a terrifying reality as long-extinct creatures rip through human territory. Meanwhile Cutter and his research assistant, Stephen Hart, struggle to find answers. Enlisting the help of zoologist Abby Maitland and student palaeontologist Connor Temple, the four work to uncover the secrets of the temporal anomalies. Yet it soon becomes clear that all traditional methods of research are extinct.

The team is abetted by shadowy government officials James Lester and Claudia Brown, who instruct them to keep the danger secret from the public. Yet inevitably, the past threatens to invade the present and destroy the future. And Cutter’s crew faces a life and death race against time.

Adding to the chaos, Cutter is also struggling with a private dilemma. After disappearing for eight years, his wife, Helen, mysteriously returns with possible answers to help halt the invasion of prehistoric creatures. But is she willing to share the secrets? And if not, then why has she returned?

Combining dazzling special effects of Walking With Dinosaurs and Jurassic Park style, action and thrills, plus a haunting love story, Primeval asks a horrifying question — has mankind come to the end of the evolutionary road?

Primeval is coming to Sci-Fi channel starting on Friday April 10th at 10/9C.  Catch it if you can.  Set your TiVo’s or whatever DVR’s you have or your old dinosaur VCR’s (pun intended). and make sure you don’t miss this show.