Michael Jackson’s Final Curtain Call

Michael Jackson is doing his final curtain call by doing 10 concerts in London.  He says “this is it” no more after that.  Is this supposed to be a come back?  Because I’m not seeing come back when he says it’s his final curtain call.  Why is he doing this?  Money!  He’s broke because of all his financial problems due to his court issues a couple of years ago.

He has to do 10 concerts so he can have the money to buy a new Neverland in London because his Neverland has been sold and all of his possessions are being auctioned.

I really do feel sorry for him.  He was a gorgeous black man once upon a time and now he’s a gross skeletal white woman.  I really don’t understand what is going through his mind.  His nose is so small and it looks like he doesn’t have a nose.  I don’t want to trash Mike because I like him but come on dude, stop doing weird shit.  You are a very talented person but your BDD is way out of control.

I have BDD also but I don’t have the money to fix my issues.  The only issue I have is my weight so all I’d need is a treadmill and possibly a personal trainer and I’m done.  Maybe go to the hair club for men and get some contact lenses but that’s it lol.

I wish Michael Jackson the best of luck with his final 10 curtain calls and I hope he makes enough money so he can be comfortable even though our shitty economy is spreading like wild-fire to the rest of the world.  Good luck taking all the English people’s money away from them, making them homeless so you can get rich again.

Eye Video Camera

Filmmaker shows off eye-mounted wireless video camera – Source Dvice.com

Check this out.  This filmmaker invented an eye mounted wireless video camera that he can plans to use to film a documentary.  He lost an eye as a child and so he has a prosthetic eye.

This would have a very good use for blind people, that is if it had a chip that attached to the brain so that the blind person can see everything that the bionic eye can see.  They could remove the blind eyes and put in 2 prosthetic eyes with the camera installed into them.  I don’t see how you would be able to move the eyes though so I don’t know how that would work.  Although, they could just remove 1 eye because you probably only need 1 good eye to see.

I can see some other uses for this like for example video making, since it’s wireless you can have it recording to a hard drive in your pocket like the size of a USB drive then when you are finished recording you can put it on your computer to edit.

But the con side of that is you could be intimate with someone and they won’t know that you are video taping and then you could put it all over the internet and that person would be humiliated forever.

But, I can also see a good side.  If you are robbed at gunpoint or maybe even killed the police can look at the video to see who robbed and or killed you.

Piracy would be so much easier with this too.  People would go to the movies and be video taping it with their eye, they’d have to keep real still, don’t sneeze.  Then put it out there for all to see.  Same with concerts.  It’s bad enough that there are too many pirates out there stealing money from the movie industry by selling illegal DVDs, I can just imagine that they would find out that they are using a bionic eye then they would have an eye scanner all over the place so you can’t record.  But what if you are blind?  What then?

There are many pros and cons to this and I’m not exactly sure if this will ever happen but who knows, it might be sooner than you think.  I’m sure it will cost several thousands of dollars and it will only go to those who can’t see and there probably won’t be a hard drive for video taping but more a chip attached to the brain for blind people to see.  That’s fair enough.  If they knew it could be used for illegal purposes then they would become illegal to have very fast.

No Energy Today

I was woken up by the doorbell today at like 10 something am cause this guy wanted to mow our lawn since we have let it go lol.  I had already planned on mowing it today and so Darrin told him we were going to do it today.  I got in the shower to wake up then sat and watched TV for maybe 20 minutes and decided OK, I’m going to go mow the lawn.

I did our tenants lawn then I did the front of our lawn but not the side, I filled 1 green can with just all the cut grass but I really didn’t feel like I had enough energy to finish.  Besides that the lawn mower kept stopping and it won’t turn back on now so I’m going to leave that to deal with tomorrow.  The green cans go out tomorrow night so I have a full 24 hours to get it done (git-r-done hehe).

I went to the kitchen to make a ham sandwich for lunch and I got all the dishes from yesterday that I had no energy to do plus there is a dryer full of t-shirts that I have to fold and a washer with whites I need to dry.  I really need to get some energy.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I just feel very lazy today.

You know how when it’s a crappy gray day outside with storm clouds and you tend to feel depressed and it makes you lazy?  That’s how I feel but the sun is shining and it’s nice outside.  I don’t know why I’m feeling this way.

I also want to read but don’t feel like it and I have to watch the first 3 episodes of Dollhouse on Hulu so I can talk about that.

Maybe I’ll go make a latte.  I’ll have to go to Albertson’s on my bike to get some creamer because a latte isn’t a latte with just milk, it tastes so much better with flavor.  Yeah, I’ll go do that, I bet you then I will have so much energy I won’t know what to do with myself.