Naked Reality Shows

What’s going on with all these naked reality shows? Naked and Afraid, Naked Dating, Naked Real Estate and Naked Castaway are shows that I have been hearing a lot about recently.

I am a huge fan of the nude body because we are all born naked and we all bathe naked. There is nothing to be ashamed of because it’s just skin. The body is covered in skin, so the skin on your arm is no different from the skin on your breast or your flute, so to me it’s all the same. I’m basically saying I am all for these naked shows. I don’t personally have an issue with anything.

When people watch these shows, do you suppose they strip down to nothing because they feel overdressed? I mean, I was tempted, but it would have become awkward when I was the only naked person in the room.

When the male contestants first show up, do you suppose they are worried about getting an erection since they probably don’t walk around naked all the time. I mean, I haven’t actually seen a real live naked person besides myself in years, I’m almost positive that if I was naked and someone else was standing there naked, I would be at full salute. Seriously! If I knew I was going to be naked in front of cameras, I would probably be naked for a month just to get used to the idea of being naked in front of strangers. Anyone who came to the house would have to remove their clothes to not make things awkward. You know I’d be ordering pizza’s and calling the cable company to fix things, oh and the plumber, he was cute.

The naked real estate, naked and afraid and naked castaway are all no big deal, but I have a concern about the naked dating one. I watched it tonight for the first time, the image above is the episode that I watched. They were only naked on the dates. When they all came together at the pool, they had their clothes on. They all got in the pool and eventually they were all naked again. Well, you know that’s fine, no big deal. I mean, it’s not like they haven’t seen each other naked, right? Well, at the end of the evening, there were 2 people left. They were naked and making out in the pool. No big deal right? I mean cause it’s not like they had sex in the pool.

This is where I have a concern. Okay, it’s straight people so no one will EVER question it. But… what if the show were all gay men, or all gay women? How many people are going to be all up in arms because there are 6 gay men or 6 gay women in the pool. They can be as innocent as can be not doing anything sexual, heck, they can all have their clothes on and you know someone out there is going to say that gay people are throwing their sexuality in their faces and God forbid a gay person does the same exact thing that straight people do. I mean seriously, you know that that would happen. You know it.

Straight people doing something objectionable is fine because they are the normal ones. They can get married and get a divorce and they can be married multiple times. Kim Kardashian for example. No big deal, it’s a straight person. But as soon as a gay person does something, the walls of society are crumbling with complete hyperbole.

I just had to say my peace. By all means resume your nude programming. No, seriously. I love seeing straight guys unblurred bums on TV lol.

#OppositeWorlds on SyFy #TeamEpoch!

team epoch

Have you ever been so addicted to a show that all you want to do is talk about it?  To everyone?  Yeah, this is one of those shows.

Before the show even aired I just knew I wasn’t going to like it because all I could think was how there are too many reality shows and I really don’t care for reality shows.  I mean, I do get attached to some, but only because the people suck me in lol.  Well, even though I had already decided I wasn’t going to like it, I wanted to make sure I still had that opinion after the first episode.  It’s like how you say you hate zucchini before you even try it, you have to try it to be sure you hate it.  Well, I was hooked in the first 5 minutes.

Of course I didn’t have a team when it started, but I had my mind set on Epoch after the first half hour of getting to know the people.  I don’t know what it was about them at first, I just knew I was going to really like them.

The first team challenge was lost and Team Epoch was stuck in the past for a week.  The second team challenge a week later, you guessed it, they lost.  Tonight after 21 days of living in the past, Team Epoch won a challenge and they have finally made it to the future.  YAY!

Can you imagine not being able to take a shower for 21 days?  I mean, you think your arm pits smell after a couple of hours in the gym, just imagine the stench of not just your own arm pits, but the other members of your team.  Not just arm pit stench, but… well… yeah I won’t go there, but you know what I’m talking about lol.

I was very sad when Team Epoch lost Wyatt because he and JR were my two favorite people in the game.  They just seemed like brothers to me.  They connected on a certain level that you just can’t break, but then they picked him to play in the elimination challenge and he didn’t want to do it, and he didn’t leave on a very nice note.  I feel bad that he left and I don’t hold his “bird” against him because I understand, he wanted to stay.  It is what it is I guess.  I still miss him though.

I didn’t like some of the Team Chronos players because they seemed arrogant to me.  And rightly so because they had toilets and showers and beds and food.  Who wants to live in the past?

When Mercy came into the game and Team Chronos sort of wanted to give the future to Team Epoch only because they were starting to feel sorry for them, Mercy gave a speech that made her sound like a jerk.  Team Chronos was trying to do the right thing for Team Epoch because they knew they had it bad and I think that was when I really started to like Chronos, especially Jesse, Frank and Lisette.  Those three have really grown on me.

I’ve always liked Jeffry and I’m sorry he was chosen as America’s most hated player twice.  Sorry guy, that wasn’t because of me.  I never voted you to be least favorite.  I wish he were on Team Epoch, but he was put on the wrong team.  I think he would have been better with Epoch in the past.  He fed JR and I hope JR reciprocates.  I know Jeffry will do well in the past because he seems like he is a survivor to me.  His first punishment was no food for 24 hours and now he was isolated for 24 hours.  It’s really sad that America keeps voting against him.  I really hope things turn around for him soon.

I really like Team Epoch because they seem more like a family to me than Team Chronos.  They call themselves the wolf pack and they do a thing with their hands while they are saying “woo woo woo woo” lol.  It’s just awesome and fun to watch.  I get this vibe from them like they will be best friends from now until the end of time.  They just make me want to love them, you know?  I really wish there was a live feed like they do with Big Brother on Showtime.  I would watch that.

Anyway, this is getting too wordy.  I’m just saying I like the show lol.

DJ AM Dies

DJ AM Dies – Source TMZ

Wow I just heard the news via friend update on Facebook.  DJ AM died of an alleged overdose of drugs and was found dead in his New York apartment this afternoon.  Friends haven’t heard from him in days and someone went to check on him and there was no answer at the door so the friend called the cops who gained entry and found him dead with some drugs nearby.

I remember hearing about him being in the plane accident with Travis Barker which was horrible that they went through that.  I think that was around the time or maybe after Travis Barkers reality show.  I’m so glad that they survived the crash but it’s really sad to hear that he died in this manner.

My heart goes out to DJ AM’s friends and family during this difficult time.

Howard Goes To Jail

Howard K. Stern turns himself in today for allegedly illegally obtaining prescription drugs for Anna Nicole Smith.

It’s about freakin time I say.  If he hadn’t been allegedly supplying her with drugs she and her son might still be alive today.  Although I don’t know for a fact that her son died from this but I’m certain it probably had something to do with it.

Every time I watched her reality show on E! I knew something was wrong with her, no normal person acts like they are drugged up if they aren’t taking something.  She was constantly slurring and walking as if she were drunk.  And that crazy clown video should have been proof enough that she was on something.

Despite her crazy behavior, I really liked her and it was very upsetting when she passed away.  I felt really sorry for her when her son died but then she died and it was a real tragedy.

I really hope that Howard goes to prison for this.

Too Much Reality

It all started in the 1990’s with the Real World on MTV.  Then I think Big Brother came out in 2000 or somewhere along those lines.  Then survivor and those shows are OK because they are more like a game.  But now you can’t change the channel without seeing a reality show.

It’s not a game anymore.  Some shows are games but mostly it’s the life of someone I don’t even know.  There is Keeping up with the Kardashian’s.  The father of all these kids except for Bruce Jenner’s kids, is the lawyer from the OJ case.  I really don’t want to see these brats you know?  Then there are the bounty hunter and his messed up family, then there are the family’s who repossess cars and exterminate bugs and rats and snakes.  Come on.

Ok, I realize that without all these reality shows we wouldn’t have 1000 channels to choose from.  I don’t exactly have 1000 channels to choose from because the cable package I have gives me like 200 channels but still.  I wanna see some acting and I wanna see some struggling actors getting their fair share you know?  There are so many actors who are starving who their agents can’t find them work because there aren’t enough shows or movies for their particular look.  I think that these channels should at least do a reality show with the starving actors and actresses.

Every time I change the channel it’s a reality show on either A&E or Bravo or E! or whatever.  There are some channels where you never see reality shows like Sci-Fi (except for their who wants to be a super hero but that is a game show) and Comedy Central (except for Drawn together but that’s a cartoon about a reality show lol funny stuff).  Or TNT and TBS, I never hear about reality shows there, all they have are movies and reruns of TV shows except they also have their own sitcoms and dramas.

Oh, and what happened to MTV and VH1?  They are all reality and no MUSIC!  What’s up with that?  Come on MTV and VH1, show me some music TV.  If you want MTV2 and VH1-2 to have reality fine, but your first channel should still play music dammit.

The Girls Next Door

Have you ever watched this show the Girls Next Door on E!?  I wasn’t always a huge fan of Hugh Hefner because I’m not real into looking at naked women in skin mags.  But I do like the show about him and his 3 girlfriends.  In some strange way these girls are kinda like role models for girls.  Huh?  (sound of record being scratched here).  Yes, I said it.

I was watching an episode where they surprise this girl who is just turning 18 and her mother says that there aren’t a lot of good role models on TV anymore but these girls are.  Uh, OK.

Although I haven’t been watching the show from the beginning, I do watch it occasionally and it is very glamorous.  They live in a mansion and get to do whatever they want and never have to work.  They do fun stuff so the “reality” show has something to show.

Unfortunately the show is coming to an end on March 1st because all 3 ladies are leaving Hef.  They have been living with him all these years and the time has come for them to start living normal lives where they can actually get married to someone and have children of their own.

What’s next for Hef?  Will this mean the end of the show or will he continue it for another season with 3 new girls?  I don’t think it will be the same with 3 new girls.  I mean, if these 3 ladies continue to do the show but just have their own homes but still work for Hef then I’d still watch it.  Bridget works on the Playboy Sirius show and Holly works with Playboy to find new girls for the magazine.  What does Kendra do?  Well, I know that she is going to get married to a football guy, I think.  I know Holly is going to be with Kriss Angel.  I wonder what will happen.  I do kinda hope it comes back for a new season, whether with new girls or the same girls, I guess I’ll find out.

Drew Peterson’s Fiancée Moves OUT!

I am so happy to hear that the new fiancée of Drew Peterson has decided to move out.  She talked to her father and said that he was starting to be too controlling which was the way he was with Stacy Peterson.  He told her that he doesn’t want her to work, that he will take care of all of her needs.

This woman’s father was probably freaking out thinking that Drew was going to murder his daughter.  But he was at the house helping his daughter leave and Drew was telling him F you F you and the father of the fiancée called 911.  6 police cars show up and they let them take her stuff but they said the camera guy had to go.  So the father told him to take a hike so they can get her out of there.  Why was there a camera guy?  Maybe it was for a reality show lol who knows.

I’m relieved that she has seen the light though.  This guy has no business being with anyone.  They showed an interview with Drew Peterson saying that he told her that he was 47 and she said she was 17 and he said he’d look in his law books to make sure it was legal and the legal consenting age was 17 so he said it was ok.  Uh, dude!  I don’t think so.  Get a clue.  He needs to just live the single life for a while especially since it’s only been a year since his 4th wife Stacy went missing.  Geez, he wastes no time at all.