Howard Goes To Jail

Howard K. Stern turns himself in today for allegedly illegally obtaining prescription drugs for Anna Nicole Smith.

It’s about freakin time I say.  If he hadn’t been allegedly supplying her with drugs she and her son might still be alive today.  Although I don’t know for a fact that her son died from this but I’m certain it probably had something to do with it.

Every time I watched her reality show on E! I knew something was wrong with her, no normal person acts like they are drugged up if they aren’t taking something.  She was constantly slurring and walking as if she were drunk.  And that crazy clown video should have been proof enough that she was on something.

Despite her crazy behavior, I really liked her and it was very upsetting when she passed away.  I felt really sorry for her when her son died but then she died and it was a real tragedy.

I really hope that Howard goes to prison for this.

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