Hemp Jewelry for Children

Last night a friend who used to be our neighbor asked (on ) if we wanted to go to his daughter’sbirthday party on Sunday (tomorrow). Of course we’ll come. I asked him to measure her neck and wrist for some hemp beaded jewelry lol.

What can I say, I love making jewelry out of hemp despite how much it hurts my hands.

So today we’re going to go back to Michael’s for some children friendly beads. I’m going to buy some of the lettered beads and make her a bracelet with her name on it and since it won’t be that long since she’s only 6 years old, 4 letters (BETH) is perfect. It’s a good thing her name isn’t longer like Elizabeth lol.

Since they have 2 other children around her age I thought that I would make them something too because I know how jealous they get when one gets something and the others don’t. I know it’s her birthday party and not theirs but they might feel left out so this will lift their spirits at least.

I’m probably gonna end up just bringing the hemp spools with us and my bead box just in case the other kids want a necklace too. I spoil all the kids too much.

So, what I’m going to get is a big box of many colored beads and the alphabet beads, I haven’t decided what color yet but we’ll see what they have. They might have one of those big round containers with alphabet beads, it would be cheaper if they did.

My hands are gonna be cramped up by the time we get out of there tomorrow. I’m gonna have claws instead of hands.

My Spirit Board Finished

Well I finally did it.  I made a spirit board.  No, not a “Ouija” board because that name is copyrighted.  This is my own personal creation.  Although I copied the idea, I burned it.

The font I used for the letters and numbers is Captain Howdy and the yes, no, hi and bye is obviously Comic Sans.  I didn’t want to have big words like Hello and Goodbye and I’m sure Hi and Bye are perfectly acceptable.

I added the sun and the moon because I read you are supposed to ask the “spirits” if they are from the sun or the moon.  Sun meaning good, moon meaning not so good.

Look, I don’t know if a spirit board works or not and I don’t know if or when I will ever use it, I just wanted to make one lol.

I showed awhile ago my planchette that I made but it was too big for this board so I had to cut a smaller one out of it and I am not going to drill a hole in it, instead the “spirits” can use the point from the top of it to point to everything.  I could drill a hole the size of a nickel but it’s not necessary.

For now I am finished burning but I’m not completely finished with it.  I still need to put some lacquer on it.  I’m waiting until I can buy a spray lacquer instead of wasting yet another brush that I can’t clean.  Also I’m sure spraying is smoother than brushing.

I hope you like it.  Oh by the way, the wood is the “irregular” from Walnut Hollow’s website so it was only $2.25 and it measures 13.5″W x 10.25″H.  Pretty good price for a spirit board right?


Cat Spirits

Ever since we moved to Bakersfield I have had the feeling that we aren’t alone. When we lived in the 1 bedroom house next door I slept on the couch and there were so many times that I’d be laying on the couch and it felt like my cat jumped up on the couch and walked over to my chest area and I’d open my eyes but there was nothing there.

When we moved into the big house I have my own bedroom and sometimes when I am laying down on the bed I can feel a cat jumping up, because when a real cat jumps on the bed it puts some pressure on the bed because of the cats weight and then you can feel the cat walking around on the bed.

So one time Darrin was laying on my bed and he had his eyes closed but he wasn’t sleeping and he was holding the dog and he knew the cat was outside on the patio and he asked me if our cat jumped up on the bed and I turned around and saw no cat and said I am so glad you felt that too because I am always feeling that.

So that brings me to my point. Last night I was laying in bed and I felt 3 cats jump on my bed. 1 on each side of me and one between my legs and I could feel it putting pressure on my blanket and I could feel it like kneading the blanket on my leg. I am not afraid of cat spirits and so I held out both hands and said here kitty kitty kitty and asked them to come closer to me but I just felt them near my leg area. I think it’s kinda cool.