My Spirit Board Finished

Well I finally did it.  I made a spirit board.  No, not a “Ouija” board because that name is copyrighted.  This is my own personal creation.  Although I copied the idea, I burned it.

The font I used for the letters and numbers is Captain Howdy and the yes, no, hi and bye is obviously Comic Sans.  I didn’t want to have big words like Hello and Goodbye and I’m sure Hi and Bye are perfectly acceptable.

I added the sun and the moon because I read you are supposed to ask the “spirits” if they are from the sun or the moon.  Sun meaning good, moon meaning not so good.

Look, I don’t know if a spirit board works or not and I don’t know if or when I will ever use it, I just wanted to make one lol.

I showed awhile ago my planchette that I made but it was too big for this board so I had to cut a smaller one out of it and I am not going to drill a hole in it, instead the “spirits” can use the point from the top of it to point to everything.  I could drill a hole the size of a nickel but it’s not necessary.

For now I am finished burning but I’m not completely finished with it.  I still need to put some lacquer on it.  I’m waiting until I can buy a spray lacquer instead of wasting yet another brush that I can’t clean.  Also I’m sure spraying is smoother than brushing.

I hope you like it.  Oh by the way, the wood is the “irregular” from Walnut Hollow’s website so it was only $2.25 and it measures 13.5″W x 10.25″H.  Pretty good price for a spirit board right?


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