Skype for PSP

Well, today we went to Game Stop at the mall and bought the “PSP Slim Skype Headset Kit” for $32.16 (after taxes) and made a call to my friend Sue. Darrin talked to her for nearly 45 min but then I was able to talk to her for a while until Big Brother after dark started.

The quality of the phone call was really amazing. I’m able to walk around the house, even go outside, just as long as I stay inside my wi-fi zone. With my regular telephone I get a lot of static because the cordless phone in my room is too far away from the main base in the living room so it’s nice to not have any static. So, I’m going to use my PSP from now on to make phone calls. I usually can’t get on the phone because Darrin is always on the phone hehe.

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