New Tires For My Bike

We went to Sports Authority today when Darrin came home from work and he bought me 2 new tires so I don’t just have a replacement for the front wheel but one for each.  He said when you buy tires for a car you don’t just buy 1, you buy 4.  Good thing I didn’t need 4 because these tires were $20 each.  Plus he bought me 2 new tubes even though I just bought 2 new tubes.  But the ones that I just bought can be backup for these lol.

Edit: I would just like to add that the new tubes that Darrin bought me to go with these new tires were difficult as HELL to pump air into lol.  They have “Presta Valve” which means I gotta start using my Nashbar pump again lol.  The pump I am referring to is the pump I bought from, it’s not a nashbar brand.  Anyway, it has both regular and presta so I can use that now.  The reason I haven’t been using it is because it wasn’t working with the regular tubes, it was always letting the air out while I was pumping so I could only get 20PSI into the tires with that pump.  I had to go to my old pump to put 60PSI into my tires.

Anyway, with the “nashbar” pump it took me forever to put the air into them.  I should be in bed by now asleep and in dream land but instead I’m still awake.  It’s almost 11pm and here I am blogging about how I’m still awake.  UGH!

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