The Definition of Screen Saver and Online

Have we all forgotten what words mean again?  Ok, for all of those morons out there let me give you a lesson.

Screen saver is not what your wallpaper is.  You know, the image that you see with all of your icons.  That’s your wallpaper.  Say it with me.  Wall Pa Per.  Wallpaper.  That is not a screen saver.  In the olden days if you kept the same thing on the screen for too long, the image or numbers/letters would burn into the screen so every time you looked at it you would see whatever it is that got burned in there forever.  That is why they invented screen savers which is more of a moving presentation to protect your monitor.  But those days are over.  You can still use a screen saver mainly to protect your screen from prying eyes when you aren’t there.

The definition of being “online” seems to have gotten cloudy too.  When you are standing at the bank you are not standing online at the bank.  If you are standing behind someone and there is someone standing behind you then you are “in line” not online.  Online means being connected to the Internet.  Now if you were standing in line at the bank and you were checking your email on your cell phone then sure, you are online while standing in line at the bank.

Did that help?  Are you more familiar with the English language now?

LOL thanks for putting up with my rants.

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