RSS Feed Doesn’t Work Anymore

I have had the worst day with my blog.  I don’t know why it happened or when it happened but all of a sudden my RSS feed doesn’t work anymore.  When you click the RSS in my blog this is the message that you get.

Ok fine, I see the problem but I don’t know what file to open in my blog folder to fix the issue.  I can’t save XML files at all, I can alter and save a php file no problem but the problem is finding which php file has this error.

I right clicked the RSS button and saved the file which downloaded as download.xml but again, I can’t alter and save an xml file to fix whatever issue I’m having.

I’ve googled the issue the entire freaking day and I just can’t find an answer.  I’m not going to mess with it any more today because it’s just making me mad the more I try and my shows are coming on soon so I’m going to just watch SyFy until then.

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to find my answer.

The problem is, without my RSS feed my posts won’t transfer over to other websites like my fan page and YouSayToo.  I’ve been lucky enough that they have been going over to YouSayToo by whatever miracle that allowed that.

Maybe someone else had this issue and can respond to me.  Hopefully…

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