Writing eBooks

I spent the entire day yesterday writing ebooks. It’s a learning process that I never thought I would ever do in a million years but I am learning. First I started using Mobipocket Creator which is a free program. It turns your ebooks into .mobi files but then I would have to turn around and use Calibre to turn them into .epub files.

I had to create a text or html file for Mobipocket creator. In order for me to do that I had to go into an html editor program.

I was using Microsoft Frontpage to create the html files and at first I thought that in order for me to make a table of contents I had to type out all the chapter names then go to each chapter and create a bookmark then go to the table of contents and make a link to each bookmark. That didn’t work lol.

I didn’t know what I was doing wrong until I realized that it won’t find the chapters unless you make them Heading 2. Ok so I made the chapters all Heading 2. There was one book I was copying and pasting but all the chapters names were Lesson 1, 2 etc. The Heading 2 didn’t do me any good there because they weren’t called Chapter. So I had to go back and rename them to Chapter 1, 2 etc.

In Mobipocket Creator it ignored all my images in my html file, actually it gave me nothing but errors. So I went directly to Calibre, added my html file, edited the meta details, gave it a lovely cover, did the title all that bullcrap then created my .epub file and it did it! It gave me all my images and it gave me a table of contents without having an actual table of contents in the 2nd page. It even gave me a title page because my title had Heading 1.

Now I can create like a photo album with all the pictures that I want and with names and as long as I give each album a Chapter name with Heading 2, it will show up in the table of contents. I think that is so cool.

I think I’m going to do that, create my own photo albums for my Nook. I don’t know if links will actually work in the Nook though but I’m pretty sure if I added a link in the photo album e-bookit should be clickable since the Nook now has a web browser on it. That should be cool to test.

I have a couple of weeks until I get the Nook so I have plenty of time to create tons of ebooks for it lol.  There are tons of possibilities. Who knows, maybe this will inspire me to write my own e-book about my f’d up life that I can bore you all with lol.

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