Vancouver, WA Woman Admits to Throwing Acid on Herself

While eating dinner tonight we had Nancy Grace on the tv who was talking about this Vancouver, Washington woman who was the first victim of acid being thrown in her face in front of a Starbucks. But, the twist is, she admitted to police that she did it to herself.

I’m just shocked that any person would do this to themselves. I mean, she has disfigured herself for the rest of her life and for what? For 15 minutes of fame? To show how religious she is? Seriously?

I can think of better ways to get 15 minutes of fame or for showing how passionate you are about your religion. I mean look at her before image, she was gorgeous. She could have gotten famous in another way you know? Now look at her, she’s a ghoul now. She will never be the same ever again.

So now she’s famous for being stupid and she will likely serve 1 year in prison for her selfishness. Good luck with all that…

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Vancouver, WA Woman Admits to Throwing Acid on Herself

Police have reported today that a Vancouver, WA woman claiming to have been attacked by someone throwing acid in her face is lying and the event was a hoax.

Bethany Storro claimed that on September 2nd, 2010, a stranger walked up to her in a parking lot and threw a cup of acid at her face. She did not know the alleged attacker but helped police create a sketch of the suspect. Storro suffered damage to her face but now has confessed that she in fact threw the acid on herself. The once tragic story made world-wide headlines and even prompted a copy-cat attack in Arizona.

We are still learning the details of why she may have perpetrated this hoax but one theory is that she wanted a platform to share her Christian faith. During a hospital press conference after the incident, she made multiple references to her faith and Jesus Christ.

The Portlander will update this story as more information becomes available.


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