Gossip Queens on Logo

Tonight was the series premiere of The Gossip Queens on Logo. I heard about this from Loni Love on Chelsea Lately and luckily we have the Logo channel so I was able to watch it.

They have 4 panelists which is semi similar to Chelsea Lately. They aren’t sitting at a table with bar stools but rather in chairs. The first segment it’s just the 4 panelists talking about whatever they’re gonna talk about then the 2nd, 3rd and 4th segment they have a different guest to gossip about the stars who sits in the middle of the 4 panelists.

The difference between the Gossip Queens and Chelsea Lately is that the Gossip Queens go through the topics very quickly, they don’t hover on one or a few topics for an entire segment as they sometimes do on Chelsea Lately. No disrespect to her show but the queens are quicker about it.

Since tonight was the very first episode, I’m not quite sure if the panelists will be different every night, although I’m sure they will be with the exception of Loni herself but I guess we’ll see now won’t we?

The show is on week nights at 7pm on Logo. I was afraid that I’d miss it most week nights because I have shows on the SyFy channel at 7pm a couple of nights per week but fortunately it repeats at 1pm the next day. It also repeats at 3am but I don’t think I want to stay up until 3am to watch a half hour show lol.

If you missed the first episode or you don’t have the Logo channel, don’t worry because you can also watch full episodes on the website The Gossip Queens on Logo.

Pit Boss

I know they’ve been on for a while but I haven’t seen Pit Boss until today. Actually last night but it was after midnight so I count it as today. This morning when I woke up I turned the TV on which I don’t normally do until about 4-6pm but I turned it on and Pit Boss was on Animal Planet.

I watched a couple of episodes and I think that what they are doing is good work.

One of the episodes I watched tonight (after The Gates was over) was Ashley’s stand-up routine which didn’t look so good (thanks to editing) but once Shorty gave her some encouragement she got right back on track.

I have always said that it’s not the breeding that makes them bad dogs, it’s the beating that makes them bad dogs. Pit bulls have a horrible reputation for being vicious and violent dogs but those few bad ones don’t represent all pit bulls. They are actually very good dogs if they have been raised in a positive environment with love and attention.

The ones that are seen on tv as being vicious are only that way because it was beat into them. They had to learn to be that way to survive. It’s a survival tactic and if you had to live in the environments that these dogs had to live in you would be pretty wild too, I can guarantee you that much.

My aunt and uncle have had Rottweilers who are also known for being vicious guard attack dogs but her dog, one named Miranda (may she rest in peace) was basically a huge lap dog. When I first met her she didn’t know me from Adam (or Steve even) and she started licking my face upon seeing it. She was excited to meet me and every time I went to visit them she was jumping for joy to see my face. She even slept with me in the pull out sofa bed or air mattress that I slept on during my visit. I would wake up in the morning and there she was, sound asleep right next to me, snoring away.

See, it’s because my aunt and uncle raised them with love and attention and if you have ever met a pit bull with that same love in their hearts you will see that they have been raised by good people who know what they’re doing.

Sorry, I went from saying how much I like the show to a preaching rant about dog breeds lol. Anyway, I love the show and I’m extra thrilled to hear that Ashley is one of us. She’s a big lesbian and I love her for that. Her and her vests hehe. You go gurl, keep on keepin’ on you. And Sebastian… what a hunk lol. I will definitely watch this show from now on.

The Gates 2 Hour Season Finale

Tonight was the 2 hour season finale of The Gates on ABC.

Wow, all I can say is what a shocker. They gave us a huge plot twist right at the very end with a gigantic cliff hanger until next June when hopefully it returns.

You know it’s too bad it was a summer only show because I can certainly see this being a fall to end of spring show with 24 episodes. It was that good of a show.

Let’s see, what all did The Gates have? Vampires, werewolves, sucubus, witch, and whatever that woman at the police station was without a heart. I thought she was a vampire all this time when she admitted to being “special”. I had no idea that her heart was in that box. And now what is the son? Is he a zombie now? Why does he all of a sudden have power and glowing eyes?

You know when Devan said she had to kill him to bring him back, I had a strange feeling that he would not come back right. I kept thinking that he’s gotta come back as a zombie or something. You can’t just bring a dead person back to life and not have a consequence. If I learned anything from Charmed is that every spell comes with a price.

And they were going to move, HA! Now they can’t because they have to keep their “special” son in the Gates to protect him and everyone else in the world. Now they’re stuck forever in the Gates.

You know I’ve been watching this show all summer and I still have trouble with their names. I know these names. Devan the witch, Dylan and Claire the vampires. That’s it lol. I had to go to IMDB to verify that those are those people’s names and it is.

If this were a fall to end of spring show instead of a summer only show I would have all the names memorized by the end of the season instead of only knowing 3 names lol.

Anyway, it was a very good show and I can’t wait for its return, if it does return. I hope it returns, they can’t leave me with this huge cliffhanger and not return next year.